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When Small Businesses Grow Up

Last month we talked about some of the reasons that small businesses are important to pursue to keep your business in business. This month we’re going to talk about another maybe more obvious, but often overlooked reason these customers are valuable – success makes them bigger and, wait for it, much more profitable to any of their business partners.

The only way to stay relevant and successful in the business world is obviously through growth. That means that any customer you have should grow as long as they remain in business.

If they do end up remaining in business for the long term – who knows? They could turn into one of the biggest accounts you have. Having these accounts full of growth potential means that if you have one of your larger and more established accounts go out of business, one of the newer growing accounts could rise to fill in the gap when and if the need arises.

But that whole situation is obviously a “maybe.” Still, you should treat every account as if it’s going to become one of your largest accounts some day. In fact, if you’re doing your job right and your company is delivering on its brand promises, your service and your product should actually cause your accounts to be more successful, ensuring shared success as both you and your clients grow in business together.

Of course, all of this only works in a perfect world with no negative influences or instances. You can’t guarantee that your customers will go from small fish to big fish, but you have to treat them like they will so that when and if they do, they remain a loyal partner to you and your brand.

One of the best ways to show them that they matter more to your company than just the services and products you provide them, is to provide them with a customer loyalty reward program. That way they have your superior product, your unparalleled service, and they get an extra something in it for them on top of it all. That type of relationship inspires true customer loyalty.

We’ve created customer loyalty programs for over 35 years and would love the opportunity to show you how one of them could help you inspire all of your fish, little and big, to remain loyal for years to come. Call us at 1-800-844-5000 or fill out our contact form for more info.



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