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Wireless network solutions provider expands channel partner program

Xirrus, a wireless network solution provider that offers the most powerful and scalable solutions in the world, recently announced announced plans to expand its channel incentive partner program to include system integrators and value added resellers with wireless networking technology to provide higher coverage limits, bandwidth and scalability.

The move is expected to put Xirrus in a better position to compete with other wireless offerings and will also allow the company to continue to attract business from companies that place a strong emphasis on wireless access in transforming their operations. The burgeoning wireless mobility market is expected to foster the success of Xirrus’s new channel partner program.

“So many of the primary and secondary schools we work with around the nation are implementing learning initiatives with one or two wireless devices per student,” said Cynthia Kaye, CEO and founder of Logical Choice Technologies. “Supplying wireless access to every student in every classroom is far too much of a strain on most schools’ wireless networks. As a result, we’ve seen the bandwidth bottleneck that arises from increased demands on school networks. Xirrus Arrays solve these problems in innovative, efficient and cost-effective ways.”

Kaye added Xirrus is the type of company her company looks to partner with because they believe the partnership will help schools and children across the country that struggling with the aforementioned problems on a daily basis.

According to its website, Logical Choice Technologies works to equip school districts across the country with 21st century learning technologies and the tools necessary to excel in today’s economy. Schools everywhere are adopting iPads, laptop computers, mobile phones and other instruments so students can engage in the learning process and prepare for a future career fueled by these technologies.

A three-pronged philosophy will govern the channel program with high profitability enabled for Xirrus’s partners thanks to offerings including favorable deal structures, non-compete clauses and a well-trained technical and partner sales teams.

“We have seen early positive results from our partner engagements, hinting at the tremendous impact our partner program can make on the bottom line – both ours and our partners’,” said Kevin Hollenbach, vice president of sales for North America at Xirrus. “We will not follow a ‘co-opetition’ model that supports partners while competing with them. Our win-win strategy means that we’re dedicated to investing more resources in our partners than the vast majority of vendors provide today.”