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Zumbox announces HTVO partner program

Digital mail provider Zumbox has released the details surrounding its new Mailfeed High-Volume Transactional Output Partner Program aimed at mass mailers, software developers and mailing systems manufacturers.

"There has been a virtual glass ceiling on paper suppression rates, caused by consumers’ belief that they need paper mail for recordkeeping. Zumbox solves this need with a free, verified, recordkeeping solution that breaks the glass ceiling on paper suppression," said Adam Schneider, Zumbox’s vice president of business development.

The two-tiered program gives partners a number of advantages, including support and marketing assistance. Members of the program will also participate in a number of incentive programs such as iPad giveaways and other marketing efforts aimed at promoting a reduction in paper use.

In addition, specific members of the program will also participate in a special advisory board, which will give direct feedback to the company on how it should change or update the program in the future.

The company’s system is implemented by mailing distribution companies, and delivers an electronic copy of their paper mail to their free virtual mailboxes. Eventually, as consumers become used to the system, they can choose to go paperless and store all of their paper files online. The program is free for consumers, and earns its revenue from mailers when a household chooses to go paperless.