Loyaltyworks Works With Dekalb Fraternal Order of Police To Sponsor Shop With A Cop

It’s fall, which mean the holiday shopping season is almost here. Here at Loyaltyworks, we figured that it wasn’t fair that we get to have all the shopping fun by helping our customers find their gifts on our reward site, so we decided to take donations to give to the Dekalb Fraternal Order of Police to help with a charity called Shop With A Cop.

This program takes children in need and sends them out on a day of holiday fun and shopping with a police officer. The benefit of this program is two fold:

1 – It lets kids in need go have a fun day of shopping for toys and presents, which they may not be able to do on their own

2 – It teaches kids that police officers are nothing to fear, and that they’re just people who are doing a job just like everyone else

Loyaltyworks employees collected $518, which was enough to send two children ($200 each) shopping with a cop for the day! The other $118 will go toward helping a third child have their own fun holiday shopping day. We’re grateful to have such giving employees like we do, and we hope that everyone finds a fun way to help someone in need this holiday season!