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Using Contractor Incentives to Encourage Upselling

As a product manufacturer, it can be easy to feel distant from your contractors. Communication can sometimes feel strained or even non-existent, but since they’re your main channel for end-user sales, this is a vital relationship to maintain! That’s why a contractor incentives program could be the make-or-break factor when it comes to improving your contractor connections and increasing sales.

When considering the benefits of contractor incentives, remember that most end-users only care about one thing: price. They will often choose the cheapest products or parts available, without giving too much thought to the difference in quality. But if you don’t happen to make the cheapest model on the market, it might be tough to get them to choose your products over a competitor’s. That’s why it’s vital that you encourage upselling among your contractors with an incentives program!

How Contractor Incentive Programs Can Help Your Sales

Motivate contractors to participate in training.

Enticing contractors with rewards points can help make them more receptive to training and certification programs. They can then use the knowledge gained from those programs to help them keep consumers informed on the best choices to make during the purchasing process.

Offer contractor rewards for product/service upsells.

This one’s a no-brainer—be sure that you’re offering rewards for the upsells that your contractors manage to get for you! This added incentive will encourage them to take the extra time to upsell your products against a competitor’s.

Use sales tracking technology to schedule multiple, simultaneous contractor sales promotions.

Any good incentive program provider will get you set up with sales tracking software, which can help you to monitor specific data about your contractors and understand the efficacy of your contractor sales promotions.
Use sales claims uploading technology.

Your incentive program should come with sales claims uploading technology which will allow your contractors to upload warranty information, invoices, and other key documents. These can then be used to analyze end-user buying habits as well as to tailor marketing strategies directly to your consumers.