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Allstate Insurance Company announces merger that will bring corporate wellness program for employees

Allstate insurance company has announced plans to implement a corporate wellness program as part of an incentive program designed to improve employee morale and well-being.

More than 10,000 Allstate employees around the country will be eligible to participate in the corporate wellness program known as Destination: You, which will track and motivate the physical activity of its participants.

The nation’s largest publicly held personal lines insurer, the Allstate Corporation has 80 years experience in the insurance industry, providing coverage to nearly 16 million households in the United States.

“Allstate wants to help our employees get the most out of life, and that includes encouraging healthy habits,” said Ned Kyle, director of benefits at Allstate. “Destination: You complements our robust wellbeing program by providing both education and the tools needed to help employees get moving every day.”

Kyle added that response to Destination: You has been overwhelmingly positive with nearly one third of the Allstate workforce already enrolled in the two-week-old program.

The web-based program will focus on the participants’ results with the ability to track progress and store information, including workplace motivation, online education and available incentives to reach through activity.

“Adopting initiatives that help build practical, healthy lifestyles allows companies, such as Allstate, to positively impact employee wellness, corporate culture and healthcare expenses,” said Frank Napolitano, CEO of GlobalFit. “This is a major physical activity initiative for Allstate, and we are proud to have had our Destination: You technology selected as a great way to help employees meet their health goals.”

The program will specifically track the amount of steps individuals take on a daily basis as well as the distance walked and amount of calories that were burned. The initiative focuses on walking because it is a convenient form of exercise and research has shown it can help reduce a number of common health issues.

Businesses maintaining employee health and well-being as a priority will have a new program at their disposal as Todd Elliott of “Bod by Todd” recently launched a corporate wellness program, which will integrate exercise with nutrition in a boot camp-style format.