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Atlanta-based chiropractor offering area businesses free workshop on corporate wellness

Businesses in the Atlanta, Georgia, area that are considering implementing a corporate health and wellness incentive program for the benefit of their workforce and healthcare costs have a free trial alternative with Dr. Craig Senft of Senft Chiropractic.

Dr. Senft, director of the clinic and licensed chiropractor, offers free 45-minute presentations for area businesses on ergonomics and the benefits derived from focusing on wellness in the workplace as a motivator for employees to improve their lifestyles while saving the company valuable funds on health costs.

“Many of the patients at my wellness center suffer from back pain, neck pain or other spine injuries that are due to basic workplace ergonomic problems,” said Dr. Senft. “These free presentations are wonderful opportunities to educate businesses about the importance of basic ergonomics and work-related stress. My goal is to help all individuals work with maximum comfort and minimum stress, which increases productivity and improves health.”

Dr. Senft has post-graduate experience in orthopedics, ergonomics, radiology and practice management and has been treating patients in Georgia since 1985. His workshops have provided valuable information on the benefits of corporate health and wellness programs to companies like AT&T, Coca-Cola, Salvation Army and Home Depot.

“Many people have never received treatment from a chiropractor before, or are unfamiliar with the principles behind this care,” said Dr. Senft. “By increasing awareness, especially in the medical community, I can help health care providers see the benefits of recommending chiropractic care for spine alignment problems and chronic musculoskeletal pain, rather than just covering up this pain with prescription painkillers.”

Another valuable resource for businesses of all types to consider the benefits provided by corporate health and wellness programs is the Corporate Wellness Magazine which recently released its 25th issue.

A magazine dedicated solely to employee health and wellness and disease prevention, the most recent issue provides information on global healthcare consumers as well as the cost of chronic disease in the workplace.

The issue also features an article on digital health coaching and how it can curb the rising cost of employer healthcare when chronic disease infiltrates the workplace. The issue can be read online at