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Companies Doing Good – Pepsi Co.

Our next company that’s doing good is one that’s familiar to the whole world – Pepsi Co. Known for their beverages, including Pepsi and Mountain Dew, Pepsi Co. hosts an entire catalogue of name brands that are well-known, but not often attributed to Pepsi Co. These are brands like:

• Lay’s
• Gatorade
• Tropicana
• Dorito’s
• Quaker Oats
• Cheeto’s
• Lipton
• Frito’s
• Starbucks (ready to drink)
• Sobe
• Propel
• Aquafina
• Naked Drinks
• Red Rock Deli

That’s a lot of brands. So it’s good to know that a company as big as this one takes its environmental footprint very seriously. The following is a breakdown of all the areas they’re making environmentally friendly strides in.


Pepsi Co. has reduced its water usage by 20%, which translates into roughly 14 billion liters of water! One facility in Funza, Columbia uses an innovative water-reclamation system that reuses 75%, or 90 million liters of water, every year. They were even awarded the Stockholm Industry Water Award and the U.S. Water Prize for their conservation efforts. Not one to simply benefit themselves (if they were, they wouldn’t be on this list), Pepsi also met a goal they had set for 2015 in 2013, which was to provide clean drinking water to 3 million people. Since they’re so ahead of deadline, they’re looking to add another 3 million people to the pipeline by 2015.

Energy Use & Emissions

Even though they’ve grown their volume of production by 12% since 2008, they haven’t increased their greenhouse gas emissions in 5 years. They’re also looking to reduce the current number by 20% over the next 2 years through the use of electric and CNG vehicles, renewable energy, green buildings, and natural HFC-free refrigerants. These seem like small numbers, but are huge when taken into the context of a company the size of Pepsi.

Packaging & Waste

Over the last five years, Pepsi has reduced the packaging weight of all of their products by over 350 million pounds! Also, through their initiatives, 91.2% of all the solid waste they generated was put to uses like recycling instead of being landfilled.

This kind of attitude and responsibility by such a large corporation should be an inspiration to all companies so they can find ways to reduce their carbon footprint, while also making a healthy profit for their executives and shareholders. We hope that other companies join in this drive and help sustain our planet for generations to come. Here’s to you Pepsi Co. for being a Company That’s Doing Good! Keep it up!



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