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Companies Invested In Wellness – Revolution Foods

Revolution Foods – Working On Kids’ Wellness

We’ve talked about companies who are doing what they can to change their business models to offer healthier options to America and the world abroad. We’ve talked about companies that you can somehow fold into your corporate wellness efforts as ways to get you and your employees on track to improved health. What we haven’t talked about yet is companies whose business model focuses on making and providing healthy foods to our children.

Revolution Foods is one such health focused company. Founded by two moms who are dedicated to transforming the way American kids eat, Revolution Foods’ focus and mission is to get healthy, affordable meals into schools, and to make lifelong healthy eaters by making kid-inspired, chef-crafted food accessible to all students. They feel that proper nutrition is the most important foundation that kids need in order to grow into stable, healthy and successful members of society. They don’t want to just supply healthy meals; they want to go much further than that and to instill healthier eating habits that will last long into each child’s future.

Revolution Foods combats this problem by serving over 1 million healthy and balanced lunches to schools grades Kindergarten through 12th grade every single week. Their meals are good for kids because they contain no artificial ingredients, and they are all-natural. If you consider the fact that over 18% of our children are considered obese, you can see why Revolution Foods’ mission is so important. It’s also much easier to learn to eat well at a young age than it is when you’re an adult, so the work this company is doing is admirable and worthy of spotlight and praise.

So in honor of all of the children that Revolution foods is providing healthy and balanced meals for, we’d like to say thank you for the outstanding services you provide to those children, and by extension the country because healthy, better-equipped children means a healthier, better-equipped future for our nation.

If you’d like to know more about grown up corporate wellness programs, and how to turn your employees on to good, healthy, productive habits, much like Revolution Foods does for children, then call us at 1-800-844-5000 today. We’ve been creating these corporate wellness programs for over 35 years, and we’d love to help your company turn over a new leaf on wellness today. Your employees and your conscious will thank you for it.



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