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Companies Who Are Invested In Wellness – So Delicious

Where Wellness Is So Delicious

The first company in our spotlight on companies invested in wellness is one whose food is so delicious, they named their company So Delicious. So Delicious specializes in producing and selling dairy-free milk and ice cream substitutes. Their philosophy is that all living things (people, animals, the environment) should be treated fairly, and that every living thing should have access to healthy and delicious food. That’s where their products come in.

So Delicious doesn’t just make healthy products. They’ve structured their business model to help farmers, suppliers, and developing countries. They ensure that the farmers they work with (in countries like Sri Lanka, Brazil, and the Philippines) have a minimal environmental footprint. Their greenhouse gas emissions are six times less than conventional soy milk producers, and their energy consumption is 60% less. All of this comes from their smart usage of organic coconuts as their main ingredient. Using coconuts as the main ingredient leaves behind zero waste. They use every part of the plant for production, and even compost as future fertilization. It’s an incredibly sustainable business model that makes for deliciously healthy food.

So Delicious makes dairy free products. Contrary to popular belief (and regardless of how much I love it) milk does not do a body good. The dairy industry claims (through very expensive, clever ad campaigns) that milk contains calcium and builds strong bones. Wrong! It actually depletes calcium from your bones when pasteurized, which all milk in the United States must legally be. This is something to be wary of when considering what products to include in your corporate wellness program and how it affects your employees’ health.

Healthy business? Check.

Sustainable, environmentally friendly business model? Check.

Delicious ice cream and milk products? Check.

This kind of business makes being healthy and caring about wellness much easier to do. Thank you So Delicious for the work you’re doing, and for the products you make every day. They really are so delicious.

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