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Corporate wellness partnership announced, new take on corporate wellness introduced

A company dedicated to improving the health and well-being of individuals has joined forces with a full-service wellness program management organization to combat high healthcare-related costs for clients on the consumer and corporate levels.

Careington International Corporation, a premier operator of discount vision, wellness, dental and lifestyle programs, is partnering with Trotter Wellness in an exercise in reward programs. The duo will work toward reducing the cost of healthcare on a wide scale while trading services that will benefit each entity’s client base.

“Careington’s discount plans are not insurance,” said Chuck Misasi, senior vice president of Careington International. “These discount plans have always been a natural fit with companies and individuals trying to better manage their healthcare costs. Combined with the Trotter Wellness line of products, our products can further assist in mitigating the growing burden of health care for corporations and individuals. By providing access to more affordable care, we have an opportunity to improve the overall health status of the customer in a sustainable way.”

The integration of wellness discount products spurred by this partnership will include Trotter Wellness providing its current and future clients with Careington International’s discount plans for vision, dental and its other services.

Careington International will distribute Trotter Wellness’s health risk assessment, health coaching and web tools services for its various corporate clients.

“The cost-reducing results of these programs have provided a clear return of investment for both the individual participants and the group buyers while improving their quality of life,” Misasi said.

While this partnership is an example of traditional corporate wellness, a new program being launched in Texas is innovating how corporate wellness is achieved and what areas it affects.

Julie Nise, owner of Southeast Hypnosis Center, is utilizing the health and well-being practice to help corporate partners in the Houston metro area get their employees to quit smoking and lose weight.

Nise will require that each potential client go through a screening process in order to gauge whether hypnosis will be an effective treatment given the person’s personality.

The hypnosis will attempt to curb smoking habits that can lead to an unproductive work environment, as well as promote weight loss in an attempt to advance health and well-being in the workplace.