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Corporate wellness programs proven to reduce healthcare costs, improve morale

Companies everywhere are interested in providing a loyalty program to their employees while also promoting wellness and productivity in the workplace. Onsite fitness facilities and other amenities are being adopted by many businesses to accomplish these goals.

According to the Houston Business Journal, many companies are seeing the perks associated with implementing corporate wellness programs because they not only promote positivity in the workplace but can also reduce healthcare costs.

Developers are taking advantage of this trend. In Houston, a new 5,000-square-foot fitness center has received numerous inquiries from area businesses.

“We had a number of tenants inquiring about fitness facilities for their wellness programs and prospective tenants from larger corporations who indicated a fitness center would be an amenity they would like to see in the building,” Don Emerson, property manager, told the Houston Business Journal.

Also in Houston, Houstonian Lite fitness centers are popular among businesses incorporating corporate wellness programs, with one-third of their memberships coming from businesses paying 100 percent of their employees’ bills and another third of memberships coming from businesses paying at least 25 percent of costs, according to the news source.

“This year we have seen increased interest and investment from companies who understand that wellness programs must include exercise, in addition to promoting it,” Kathy Jacobs, director of sales and corporate wellness at Houstonian Lite, told the news source.

Fitness centers aren’t the only way in which companies are rewarding employees while still promoting productivity.

According to The Wall Street Journal, technology start-ups such as Airbnb are finding innovative ways to pamper their employees including Airbnb. The start-up has rewarded its employees with a wine and cheese mixer during the workday and a rooftop barbecue to close out the work week.

“(Working at Airbnb) is like a really fun school where you get paid,” Joe Gebbia, co-founder, told the news source. “Or maybe it’s more like camp.”

Facebook has also made its mark in the realm of corporate wellness by creating an annual game day similar to schoolyard field days, which brings employees together for kickball and other classic games, according to the news source.

Other innovative takes on corporate wellness include Yelp’s “party room,” which features iPad-fitted kegs marking “what’s on tap,” and Dropbox’s “rock room” featuring musical instruments.