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Domino’s Pizza employees walk to moon and back thanks to corporate health and wellness program

Domino’s Pizza, the global leader in delivery pizza, recently announced the results it is receiving from its corporate health and wellness incentive program.

The Ann Arbor, Michigan-based pizza chain found that its employees have collectively walked more than 1 billion steps in the past six months as part of the GlobalFit Destination: You program that combines step-based activities while tracking the results and providing incentives to motivate better lifestyle choices out of Domino’s employees.

“We are extremely excited about reaching this monumental health milestone as part of our ‘A Healthier YOU’ initiative,” said Patrick Doyle, Domino’s Pizza CEO. “At Domino’s Pizza, we have always been focused on supporting and promoting healthy, active lifestyles among our team members and their families. We offered Destination: You as a way to demonstrate how easy and realistic it can be to add physical activity into your daily routine and experience tremendous health benefits.”

“A Healthier YOU” is the corporate wellness initiative promoted by GlobalFit that has resulted in a total of 500,000 miles walked by Domino’s Pizza employees. That is the basic distance it would take to travel from Earth to the moon round trip.

GlobalFit encourages participation in the event by logging the employee’s information online so it is easily accessible and allows for the employee to manage their activity and set goals for higher benchmarks to clear moving forward.

“We are proud of our partner Domino’s Pizza and the tremendous success it has had thus far with Destination: You,” said Frank Napolitano, CEO and president of GlobalFit. “Domino’s Pizza is a strong example of how businesses-no matter how large or small-can successfully implement a corporate wellness program that educates employees about healthy living, creates a positive corporate environment, motivates individuals to become active, and most importantly, gets results.”

Corporate health and wellness programs across the industrial spectrum are gaining popularity with the upcoming Corporate Wellness Conference recently announcing a 93 percent boost in attendance from previous years. The conference, set in West Palm Beach, Florida, is expected to draw roughly 1,500 attendees, 100 speakers, 400 employer groups and as many as 140 sponsors this year.