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Employee Benefit News Benefits Forum and Expo schedules speaker

Employee incentive programs will be a hot button issue when industry experts convene in Dallas on September 26 for the 2011 Employee Benefit News Benefits Forum.

Presented by Employee Benefit News Magazine, the event will feature an address from Peter Saravis, CEO of Evive Health. One of the nation’s top innovators in motivating employees to engage in healthy activity through technology solutions and by providing wellness activities, Evive has been contributing to the industry since 2007.

“Most employers today have some kind of wellness or disease management program in place, but many are unable to get a significant number of their employees to participate in these programs,” Saravis said. “To achieve the kind of engagement that will lower health costs and have an impact, employers must be able to deliver targeted and highly personalized communications that engage, motivate and activate employees to take positive health actions.”

Saravis is expected to give a presentation on “Data Driven, Value-Based Personalized Health Communications” where he will be joined by the program manager of health and wellness at DTE Energy, Susan Bailey, and together they will discuss the importance of communications programs in supplementing a successful wellness program.

The largest event in the country dedicated to employee benefits, the Employee Benefit News Benefits Forum and Expo will focus on industry trends, solutions and challenges moving forward as it enjoys its 24th year in educating business professionals.

Corporations aren’t the only entities focused on prolonged health and wellness, B Holding Group recently announced its first ever HBCU “b Healthy Tour” where it will engage students at historically black colleges and universities about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in disease prevention.

“Access and exposure to community-specific health information can make the difference in terms of early detection, more accurate diagnoses and less aggressive treatment plans for many diseases and conditions,” said Jason Panda, Esq. co-founder and CEO of B Holding Group. “This tour provides us with a unique opportunity to give something back and engage college students in ways that can positively impact their health.”

B Holding Group is the only minority-owned socially responsible company operating in the world today as it works with community organizations and other entities in promoting healthy lifestyles and smart wellness choices among the minority community.