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Ergotron WorkFit Stand Workstation curbs sitting disease, promotes health and wellness in workplace

Improving employee morale and increasing productivity is a cornerstone of most corporate health and employee incentive programs, but a new study finds that something as simple as alternating between sitting and standing can benefit the health of an employer’s workforce.

According to a seven-week study conducted by JourneyWell, a HealthPartners wellness solution, employees that switched between sitting and standing positions throughout the workday ended up being more energized, focused and productive.

Study subjects used the Ergotron WorkFit Stand Workstation, and 67 percent said they felt “a lot better” after using the station that allowed them to stand for part of the day.

“While these results are in line with common sense expectations, it is exciting to see that there is now an affordable way for corporations to mitigate the sedentary nature of most knowledge workers’ routine,” said Nico Pronk Ph.D., HealthPartners’ vice president for health management and health science officer, JourneyWell. “The data show that when a company pulls together to increase healthy workplace behaviors overall, the results can be significant.”

Among the respondents, 87 percent said they felt more energized and were more comfortable with their ability to stand during the workday, 75 percent felt healthier, 71 percent felt more focused, 66 percent experienced greater productivity and 62 percent felt happier.

“The research validates long-held assumptions that sit-to-stand computing can improve employee’s wellness and productivity while also having a significant impact on an employers’ profitability,” said Joel Hazzard, president and CEO, Ergotron. “Translated across a larger population, companies can realize higher productivity, lower health care costs and helps foster happier employees.”

In 2010, Ergotron launched the Just Stand Uprising designed to promote awareness of “sitting disease.” The program cites a 2008 Vanderbilt University study of 6,300 individuals and concluded that the average American spends 55 percent of their time awake sitting down.

“From a management perspective, it is hard to deny the long-term impact a program like HealthPartners’ JourneyWell project can have on a company’s bottom line, but even more so their employees’ health,” said Hazzard.

According to its website, Ergotron develops products that customize technology to match the physical needs of the individual to increase productivity and promote wellness for the workforce.