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Florida health insurance provider to promote corporate wellness programs to area businesses

Several counties in East Central Florida will benefit from a new focus on corporate health and wellness, as Florida Health Care Plans recently announced a new initiative to promote a happy, fit and productive work environment for the area’s businesses.

The FHCP approach will focus on Flagler and Volusia counties and will include the incentive program as a rider to its employer-centered health insurance program in light of its recent approval by the state.

“We are a local company with the goal of improving the health of our members and our community by promoting an employee/employer culture of wellness education, focusing on healthy habits, preventive care, easier access to wellness programs and educational resources,” said Dr. Wendy Myers, CEO of Florida Health Care Plans.

Employers, employees and the FHCP will work together to combat unhealthy lifestyle habits in an effort to promote a productive and positive work atmosphere that will reduce the cost of healthcare as well as improve employee morale.

Mikelle Streicher, RN chief marketing and sales officer said the evidence is there to show that corporate wellness programs are something that businesses everywhere are learning to adopt and that its popularity will not wane with time.

“Workplace Wellness programs are not a passing trend. It is about investing in people and in good health so that good business and a healthy bottom line are all the more possible to obtain,” Streicher said.

Data has backed up the success of corporate wellness programs, with a Sarasota County study finding that healthcare claims costs were cut by 27.8 percent of the 32 wellness programs studied with a similar decline in physician visits and hospital stays as the result of injury.

Overseas personal health and well-being businesses are thriving as well with United Kingdom-based Fitbug recently announcing an influx of funds that will go toward financing its programs in the United States.

“Having already started to establish a solid presence in the American health and well-being sector over the last 18 months, we have a number of further US sales and strategic partnership discussions in hand, which we hope to conclude in the second half of 2011,” Paul Landau, chief executive of Fitbug, according to Stockopedia News.