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Georgia lakeside resort the location for corporate retreats focused on wellness

One of Georgia’s premier nature attractions and the resort that calls it home will soon be a destination for corporations looking to implement an effective corporate wellness program of their own.

Since 2010, Lake Lanier Island Resort has been involved in a partnership with Walkingspree, an activity-based and technology-driven corporate wellness company that provides incentive programs in line with health and fitness, to contribute an effective place for corporate retreats to focus on the importance of wellness.

Lake Lanier Islands Resort is located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains and features 1,500 acres of forest, beaches and meadows and is situated fewer than 45 miles north of Atlanta.

“The goal of this unique program is to help educate and motivate as well as set and reach health and wellness goals,” said Virgil Williams, CEO of Lake Lanier Island Resorts, who adopted the program as a way to improve the health and morale of his employees while simultaneously lowering his company’s healthcare costs.

The Lake Lanier and Walkingspree partnership is now a year old. Williams said he has been so impressed with the program’s benefits to his company as well as to the health of his employees, which include increased morale and fewer missed days, that he is planning on offering the resort as a destination for other corporations in need.

The program at Lake Lanier, which will be called Legacy Wellness, will utilize social networking and USB-pedometer to provide accurate results. It is also expected to significantly impact a company’s bottom line on healthcare costs. One employee walking on a regular basis can eliminate as much as $3,000 in benefits cost each year.

“Experiencing the program first hand gets executives excited and shows the power of our corporate wellness program,” said Hiran Perera, CEO of Walkingspree. “It is fun, it is contagious, but in a good way,Our numbers provide that our program works. Putting it into the hands of decision makers and letting them test drive the program is an excellent way to experience the program.”

Companies in search of their own corporate wellness program or other incentive program will have a new tool to utilize in Corporate Wellness Magazine. The content is web-based and features information regarding employee health and the importance of reducing health costs within a company.