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Group of nonprofit hospitals forges partnership that includes corporate wellness program

Hospitals are responsible for fixing and maintaining the health of others, and a new partnership will ensure that the staff of a group of nonprofit hospitals will receive the same kind of wellness attention.

Allina Hospitals & Clinics, a nonprofit group of hospitals, clinics and care services located in Minnesota and western Wisconsin, has announced a collaboration with Life Time Fitness to provide health and wellness benefits to its employees.

“As a physician, I find this partnership to be tremendously important,” said Bob Wieland, M.D., executive vice president of Allina’s Clinic and Community division.

An incentive program unlike any other, the program will aim to reduce healthcare costs among employees by treating controllable health issues.

“Historically, the healthcare industry has focused almost exclusively on illness,” said Kenneth H. Paulus, president and CEO of Allina Hospitals & Clinics. “While this has resulted in outstanding acute care, little focus has been placed upon the impact of preventative health and fitness measures on the health of the community. Core to the launch of our partnership is the introduction of Life Time’s myHealthCheck wellness program to our employees.”

Paulus added that employee health is a key factor in establishing a productive and happy work environment and that the program will work at targeting wellness issues in an attempt to facilitate positive change that will affect the entire staff.

The program will utilize wellness coaches in a comprehensive effort to identify risk factors in health and offset those factors with improved wellness practices that will include incentives for employees who meet set goals.

The promotion of health and well-being is central to this partnership. It will include Life Time accurately assessing and encouraging the healthcare of Allina nurses, doctors and other staff, while Allina reciprocates those services by offering their medical expertise and services at Life Time events.

Although healthcare facilitators implementing corporate wellness programs is a burgeoning trend, the health insurance industry is maintaining its focus on employers with the upcoming World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress slated to take place in Chicago.

The event will bring together members of the corporate wellness and other health awareness communities with stakeholders of the medical tourism industry for an opportunity to network and forge new and lasting relationships.