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Implement an Employee Wellness Program

Many employers are unaware of how much money they could save by taking measures to keep their employees healthy. When workers are unmotivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle, employers end up paying much more in medical costs each year. By implementing wellness incentives, companies can improve their overall productivity, and end up with more motivated employees.  Follow the basic steps below to find out how you can create a beneficial wellness program for your company.

Conduct Surveys

A health and wellness incentives program can only benefit your company if it specifically fulfills your employee’s interests and needs. To find out which rewards and services interest your workers, conduct surveys to narrow down your options.

Find out the Current Health Status of Your Employees

Take measures to understand what your employee’s lifestyles are like. Take note of how many people leave throughout the day to smoke, or what types of snacks or beverages are the most popular from the vending machines. Collecting this information will give you a better sense of what type of incentive programs and services should be offered.

Host a Health Fair

Provide free flu shots, cholesterol screening, BMI assessments, or blood pressure checks to get employees excited about improving their health, and to learn more about their health standings.

Host a Weekly Health Event

Consider using Mondays as the day for health progress assessments. This will offer a fresh start to the week, and hopefully motivate employees for the remainder of the workweek. Brainstorm ideas for health events that can be done in the office such as company weight-loss contest, or offering free health foods.

Promote Physical Activity

Offer rewards for employees who participate in a local race, walk, or attending fitness classes!

Assist Employees Who Suffer From Addiction

Although it may be awkward for some employees, it can be beneficial to offer counselors in the office to encourage workers to quit drinking, smoking, or abusing drugs, and to help those with food addictions.

Reward with Healthy Items

For those who achieve or make substantial progress in their health, reward them with an item that will continue to help them improve. Examples of this might be a pedometer, or a pair of athletic shoes.

Always Follow Up

After implementing a company wellness program, be sure to follow up with participants to make sure they are still interested. This will keep employees in check, and help you to assess which incentives are successful; how to move forward with a productive health and wellness program.

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