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This next company exists outside of the norm of health food providers. But they’re one who may be doing some of the most important work of all. The company is called Meals To Heal, and they specialize in providing fresh, healthy and organic meals to cancer patients and their caregivers.

Meals To Heal founder, Susan Bratton, had many friends who suffered from cancer. She noticed they all had nutritional issues, and that they would often seem to get sicker and suffer from weakened immune systems as a result. She then undertook a year of research with leading specialists, nutritionists, oncologists, cancer patients and caregivers in an effort to develop a nutrition plan for patients that would help support and strengthen the patients’ immune systems, increase their energy levels, and increase their ability to withstand and respond to cancer treatment while preventing weight loss. Her research showed that 80% of cancer patients never visit a nutritionist even though a good, healthy nutrition plan improves clinical and quality of life results.


Thus, Meals To Heal was born.

Her company’s mission is to make the lives of cancer patients and caregivers easier by relieving them of the worries, stress and time it takes to develop, prepare, and cook meals that deliver proper nutritional value.

Nutrition is also important because recent studies have indicated that certain foods can actually make you more susceptible to specific types of cancer, depending on the food. Red meat, for example, has been shown to triple your risk of developing stomach cancers. While there’s no concrete evidence showing that nutrition actively fights cancer cells, Ms. Bratton and her colleague’s work has shown that it does helps patients’ bodies be more responsive to treatment.

We value this company’s contributions to wellness so much because it’s an area of health that many fail to consider. People worry about the cure for cancer, which is amazing and needed, but they often fail to think about making the lives of those battling the disease easier and healthier. Meals To Heal does just that and we appreciate them for it.

While this type of company may not be one you’d consider when developing a wellness program, they’re definitely one you should keep in your rolodex in case one of your employees or loved ones find out that they have cancer. They’re doing good work and we’re proud to be able to highlight them as a company that’s investing in wellness.

Corporate wellness incentive programs are a great tool for motivating your workforce and are known to create a positive workplace culture. We hope that this blog has inspired some ideas for how you can motivate your workforce while uniting them in the process.

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