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New health and wellness suite introduced

Priority Health, an innovative solutions provider that strives to positively impact healthcare costs among employers while increasing customer experience, recently announced it has enhances its product portfolio to feature an entire suite of HealthbyChoice plans.

The new plans offered by HealthbyChoice include comprehensive wellness-based initiatives that offer attractive incentives for employees who adopt healthy lifestyles in an effort to improve their overall health as well as reduce the rising cost of healthcare faced by employers everywhere.

“Building on our 25 years of market leadership, focused on keeping people healthy and changing the way health care is delivered, our HealthbyChoice plans are easy to understand and simple to use,” said Kimberly Horn, president and CEO of Priority Health. “Unlike any other product on the market, the HealthbyChoice suite is designed to align with an employer’s corporate culture – a key element to launching a successful wellness strategy.”

The suite features products that focus on offering employees the best chance at integrating a complete healthy lifestyle by raising awareness on viable options as well as offering incentives based on achieving rewards and participating in the programs.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 75 percent of productivity losses and healthcare costs accrued by employers can be attributed to unhealthy lifestyle choices including poor diet and smoking habits.

The plans offered include HealthbyChoice Incentives, HealthbyChoice Progrssions, HealthbyChoice Achievements and HealthbyChoice Motivations, which functions as a health and wellness framework that offers employer flexibility in terms of how employees are rewarded for adopting healthy lifestyle choices and hitting their health-related goals.

Employers are looking for new and effective ways to lower their healthcare costs. According to the Springfield News-Sun, the cost of employer-based health pans are expected to rise nearly 9 percent in 2012 with much of the cost increase likely going to employees who will have to pay higher deductibles.

“Employers are trying to see whether cost-shifting makes a difference with behavior,” Dr. Gail Croall, senior medical director at Dayton-based CareSource, told the newspaper.