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New wellness program announced after Mayo Clinic research findings

VitalHealth Software, a top provider of web-based software solutions for corporate health and wellness initiatives, recently announced that a lifestyle management and health coaching services company chose one of its programs to reduce employer-based healthcare costs.

The VitalHealth EHR solution has been adopted by Healthy Transformation to improve the overall quality of life among employees and enhance preventative healthcare offerings, wellness education and training.

“We are focused on helping corporations increase productivity and lower healthcare costs by providing employees with one-on-one health and wellness coaching, and arming our health coaches with the VitalHealth EHR will enable them to provide the highest quality coaching with maximum flexibility and mobility,” said Ronda DeDear, registered nurse and CEO of Healthy Transformation.

VitalHealth’s EHR platform is the result of extensive research from the Mayo Clinic, designed to make it simple for physicians and nurses to access the intuitive and customizable interface that meets their numerous workflow needs. The platform also offers point-of-care decision support, population and disease management, and electronic lab ordering.

“The EHR’s ability to track chronic conditions along with its customizable and intuitive nature, allow our health coaches to easily catalog and share patient information between different practitioners and, more importantly, to effectively supply patients with the highest quality of preventive care possible,” DeDear added. “Plus, when our coaches are moving from site to site, and working from the home or the road, they can always have the EHR in hand.”

Healthy Transformation provides a holistic approach to healthcare that offers personal health and wellness coaching in a corporate setting. Its corporate health and wellness program focuses on the maintenance and prevention of a variety of chronic conditions by educating and coaching an individual toward a healthy lifestyle.

Although corporate health and wellness programs are an expense undertaken by the employer, an effective program can provide significant financial returns that can compensate for costs incurred by the employer. Reduced healthcare premiums, increased employee morale and productivity, and fewer sick days are all proven byproducts of effective wellness initiatives.