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Online program offered for corporate wellness coach certification

With more companies of all shapes and sizes discovering the value associated with corporate health and wellness programs, the corporate health and wellness coach position has experienced growing demand. The Spencer Institute is meeting demand by offering the Corporate Wellness Coach Certification Program.

More than 50 percent of U.S. companies offer a corporate health and wellness program of some kind. Small, mid-size and large businesses are witnessing the success afforded by these programs with employees not only adopting healthy lifestyles to secure sought[-]after incentives and lower healthcare premiums but also showing improvement in workplace morale and productivity.

The Spencer Institute’s self-paced Corporate Wellness Coach Certification Program is a completely integrated online experience designed to teach students how to effectively manage corporate health and wellness programs for businesses of all sizes by creating an accessible culture within the company and promoting healthy lifestyles while creating valuable incentives for the employees.

“A corporate wellness coach is one of those professions that allows the coaches to enjoy a rewarding and successful career while helping employees achieve their goals, feel better and contribute more,” said Dr. John Spencer Ellis, CEO and president of the Spencer Institute and creator of the Corporate Wellness Coach Certification program. “We now know that corporate wellness programs can save companies more than $10 for every dollar spent, making this profession more and more valuable.”

The online education system offered by the Spencer Institute includes training for such wellness-related careers such as fitness manager, corporate wellness manager, consultant, coach, community health promoter, corporate health fair coordinator and more.

“As a corporate wellness coach, you can help employers reduce their health costs and improve absenteeism and productivity while also enhancing a vibrant corporate community and making employees that much happier,” Ellis said.

Michigan is leading the way in promoting corporate health and wellness by centralizing its statewide initiative to support various programs offered in businesses across the state. The Michigan Wellness Council is expected to have its first-ever meeting November 9 at the Compuware corporate headquarters in Detroit. The event will feature guest speaker Dee Edington, director of University of Michigan’s Health Management Research Center.