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Report cites mental illness as roadblock to employee health and wellness, solutions available

While companies everywhere are adopting corporate health and wellness programs in an attempt to lower healthcare expenses and increase well-being in the workplace, a new report indicates that some employees could be beyond help despite the presence of an incentive program.

ComPsych Corporation, a provider of programs that focus on improving employee lifestyles and behavior, released the report that indicated some employees’ mental and emotional issues could get in the way of achieving the adoption of the healthy lifestyle necessary to achieve overall corporate health and wellness.

“There is strong correlation between high stress/emotional issues and poor lifestyle choices,” said Dr. Richard Chaifetz, chairman and CEO of ComPsych. “For example, smoking and overeating may be a means to self-medicate undiagnosed depression. To be effective, corporate wellness programs must focus on emotional as well as physical factors of the employee, and include a counseling component to address underlying issues.”

The report’s findings include 40 percent of respondents claiming an emotional or physical health problem that interferes with normal activities, 36 percent claim to be anxious more often than not, 43 percent did said they did not receive adequate support from loved ones in past six months and 21 percent said they’ve felt depressed in the past month.

The report also highlighted various unhealthy lifestyle choices adopted by employees including 34 percent of respondents who claimed to eat one or less fruits and vegetables per day, 23 percent admitted to binge drinking in the past six months and 16 percent said they get adequate sleep.

Employees who are practicing unhealthy lifestyles or are coping with mental and emotional issues can benefit from the proper corporate health and wellness program. Sensei, a healthcare company providing innovative technology and creative solutions, recently unveiled Sensei Wellness, a new app that connects clients and employers and saves time, resources and money.

“Sensei makes wellness easy to implement and highly engaging – Sensei makes wellness work,” said Robert Schwarzberg, CEO and founder. “Success is measured by engagement, outcomes, satisfaction, and the health of individuals and organizations.”

Timothy Dion, Sensei CIO, said the new health and wellness solution focuses on usability and works to bridge the gap between consumer wellness and corporate wellness by making individuals accountable for their own health with the ability to track their progress via wireless biometric devices in real-time interactive feedback.