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Stay Healthy for Your Company’s Sake!

Unlike many company incentive programs in the past, businesses are now starting to put a greater emphasis on keeping their employees healthy and happy, introducing employee health wellness programs. Instead of taping up motivational posters around the office to encourage a healthy lifestyle, businesses are using monetary and online rewards as incentives for employees to stay fit and make healthy lifestyle choices.

Currently, over 90 % of employers have started including wellness incentives to their corporate incentives plan. According to a survey done by Fidelity Investments and the National business Group on Health, this percentage has nearly doubled from where it was in previous years. Companies have seen tremendous success by adding wellness incentives in their employee rewards programs; including better employee health, and less missed work days due to illness and doctor appointments.

Because this type of incentive is still relatively new, employers are still experimenting and learning which rewards work for them and which do not. Many businesses are focusing on achieving improved overall health for workers, while decreasing health expenses, and obtaining better metrics to gauge returns on these wellness investments.

Including wellness incentives in your business incentives plan can be extremely beneficial. Not only will these incentives motivate your employees, they will also improve the heath and lifestyle of your employees. To see how you can improve your company’s incentive and rewards program, contact Loyaltyworks to put you in the right direction!



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