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Tips To Help Your Company Work On Health And Wellness – March 2014

One of the biggest expenses your company will face this year is insurance and medical costs. What you may not have considered is that if your employees are unhealthy, those insurance and medical costs are merely the tip of the iceberg that’s waiting to sink your ship. A lack of employee wellness drives up the cost of sick leave, the cost of absenteeism, and the cost of operating a business because your unhealthy employees probably aren’t as efficient, nor as productive as your healthier ones.

But what do you do?

Here at Loyaltyworks we create and provide corporate wellness programs and employee wellness programs for companies of all shapes and sizes. Over the course of the next 12 months we’re going to be sharing health and wellness tips that you can use at your company.

Tips to help your company work on health and wellness:

Create A Wellness Committee – Let your employees get together, form employee wellness initiatives, and effect healthy change at the ground level of your company. Nothing drives employee engagement better than ownership.

Conduct A Wellness Survey – Put out a survey for your employees to complete so you can gauge how motivated they would be to participate in a wellness program, and to discover any other initiatives that would be helpful in improving employee wellness in your workplace.

Create Wellness Role Models – Put together a team of wellness “role models” who can serve as the mascots/face/encouragers of your employee wellness initiatives. These role models can help cheer fellow employees on, share tips, and even organize wellness events where they teach others about the importance of health and wellness.

Give Away Health Tips – Give your employees a place to find wellness tips so that making smart, healthy choices is always top of mind.

Wellness Calendar – Create a calendar of wellness events, landmarks and goals. If you need help, use the National Health Observance Calendar (PDF) as a starting point.

Create A Wellness Wall – Create a bulletin board in your company’s break area where employees can share achievements, goals, pictures, and recipes. This will help get them talking about their achievements with their colleagues.

Tune in next month for even more tips on how to make a positive change in your workplace’s health. Or just call us at 1-800-844-5000 and we’ll help you set up an employee wellness program today.



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