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Tips To Help Your Company Work On Wellness – May 2014

We’re back and we are PUMPED UP for another monthly installment of tips to help your company work on wellness. If you couldn’t tell, we’re getting all psyched up for wellness like Richard Simmons, the God King of infomercials and healthy excitement. You’re going to have to get psyched up too if you want your employees to hop aboard the wellness train. If you want your employee wellness program to stand a chance of success, buy-in and excitement from management is incredibly important.

Just like we’ve been doing every month, below are some tips on how to keep health and wellness top of mind in your workplace. Some things are easy to do and some require time and effort. But if it saves lives and money, then it’s worth it, right? So as Richard Simmons would enthusiastically say, “Lets’ do this!”

Tips to help your company work on wellness:

  1. Host A Fitness Challenge/Field Day – Your employees will love this. It’s like a healthy/fun break from the ongoing monotony of work. Hand out rewards and trophies to the winners and remind everyone what the point of the fitness challenge is. We recently held a company field day at our office and everyone loved it. .
  2. Hold A Screening Fair – One of the biggest gripes that most have with the American healthcare system is that it’s reactive instead of being proactive. This applies to employees in companies as well. Most people don’t see a doctor when they’re feeling good, do they? No, they don’t. Holding a screening will help your employees become more proactive in their health, and it will warn them of any ailments they may face due to their lifestyle choices. These screenings also get them thinking about their wellness, which, let’s face it, is at least half the battle.
  3. Charge More For Sweets – Discourage your employees from eating unhealthy by simply charging more for unhealthy foods, aka the “Twinkie tax.” While it may seem inhumane at first, it will ultimately encourage your employees to buy a banana instead of a Twinkie next time they’re at your cafeteria or breakroom.
  4. Subsidize Healthy Snacks – Put new, healthier snacks in the vending machine in your break/lunch room and keep the prices the same as when there was only junk food. Remember, this is good for your employees and for your long-term bottom line.
  5. Healthy Publishing – Put nutrition tips and information in your company’s newsletter. Showcase and educate your employees on the different types of fats, salts, and other things. Make sure when you present that it’s relevant and easy to grasp.

Hopefully, this appetizer of health tips should hold you over until next month. As always, if you’d like to start up an employee wellness program in your workplace, call us at 1-800-844-5000 and we’d be happy to help you today.



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