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Gas Station Introduces New Loyalty Program

With roughly 1,375 locations throughout the country, Speedway recently announced it has selected the NCR Advanced Marketing Solution and NCR Enterprise Preference Manager from NCR Corporation as the means to power its next generation customer loyalty program and connect its various locations and frequent customers, according to Convenience Store Decisions.

Speedway ranks as the fourth largest chain of company-owned and operated fuel and convenience merchants in the country and the largest in the Midwest region. Speedway will use its new customer loyalty program to unite its expansive customer-base and create personalized marketing promotions from the data accrued from customer behavior.


“This investment will help Speedway enhance the way that we interact with our members and offer a more relevant, highly personalized shopping experience,” Christi Frizzell, manager of customer relationship for Speedway, told the news source. “Our Marketing team will also be able to more effectively leverage our technology platforms to develop highly effective offers and create the seamless, personalized experience demanded by on-the-go consumers.”

Speedway’s new customer loyalty program will enable the company to focus on creating one-on-one offers based on frequent customer preferences. This will better the services and deals offered to Speedy Rewards members while maintaining a high level of security related to sensitive customer data.

“Offering consumers a way to manage their shopping experience based on their presence and preference in a channel enables forward-looking retailers like Speedway to drive customer loyalty and build enduring relationships with customers,” Scott Kingsfield, senior vice president and general manager of NCR’s retail line of business, told the news source.

Nella Oil Company, the largest member of the Commercial Fueling Network, announced last month it joined the Channel Partner Program of U.S. Bank, which is the largest provider of universal fleet fueling and maintenance cards across a network that includes BP, Texaco and ExxonMobil.

According to Convenience Store News, the Flyers Fleet Card users will have access to more than 150 retail and cardlock locations as well as more than 230,000 fuel and maintenance locations throughout the network.

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