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Oracle Launches New Loyalty Program

Oracle, engineers of software and hardware that work within the cloud and data center, recently announced the offering of a new customer loyalty initiative.

Siebel Loyalty Management 8.2.2 will work to maximize brand engagement and customer retention as well as lifetime value by providing personalized and innovative customer reward programs for companies in need.

Oracle’s take on the customer loyalty and brand recognition program provides companies the ability to set themselves apart from the competition and create a unique, personalized identity that will stand out to the ever-fickle consumer market. Siebel Loyalty Management 8.2.2 allows companies to quickly launch one-on-one programs ranging from travel and transportation to financial services, retail and telecommunications.loyalty program software

“We chose Siebel Loyalty to transform our world-class Rapid Rewards program,” said Joe Migis, senior director of information technology for Southwest Airlines. “The all-new Rapid Rewards includes industry-defining innovations that deliver enhanced value and experience for our valued customers. Oracle’s latest loyalty release, Siebel Loyalty Management 8.2.2, further validates our decision to invest in Siebel Loyalty. It will enable us to improve end-user productivity and deliver highly personalized, one-to-one program offerings to further strengthen our relationships with customers and partners.”


The program also offers services that work to improve business user experience and productivity with cross-channel customer experience functionality and brand engagement improvement.

“The new Siebel Loyalty Management 8.2.2 release demonstrates Oracle’s commitment to deliver a cutting-edge loyalty platform for the airline industry,” said Eduardo Duran, director of LAN Pass. “It will help us implement highly innovative program strategies to reward and recognize our customers and deliver differentiated experiences across channels.”

Customer reward and loyalty programs are also prevalent in the auto industry. Rusty Wallace Auto Group, a series of dealerships based in Morristown, Tennessee, announced a new program that will function to serve its existing customers as well as bring in new ones and retain them.

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