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Why It’s Time to Reconsider Your List of Customer Loyalty Programs

list of customer loyalty programsEven if you do have a list of customer loyalty programs, you might not be clear on just how crucial they are. A good product that works for your customers matters when it comes to retaining loyal customers and getting new ones. However, this by itself is no longer enough. With all the competition out there, your customers will need extra incentive to keep choosing your brand over the others.

Unfortunately, many loyalty programs don’t achieve what they should. You’ll need to make sure your methods are as effective as you want them to be. To build up your customers’ trust in you and your business, your programs will need to be clear of some common mistakes.

Does Your List of Customer Loyalty Programs Market to People Instead of Helping Them?

Customers who sign up for a loyalty rewards program will receive emails on a regular basis. However, what’s really important is what these emails contain! For instance, it’s common for a company to use email subscribers for marketing outreach, but your loyalty program should never stop there. If you’re sending a lot of emails and only trying to sell, you’re running a real risk of driving people away. Your customers want to know you see them as people, not just another number to help your bottom line.

That’s why your program should also provide helpful information. The content should be relevant to what they want and not just one marketing message after another. If you’re making your customers’ lives easier by showing them products of interest and providing the exclusive deals they signed up for in the first place, your rewards program will yield much better results.

It might be tempting to send as much information about as many products as possible, but this doesn’t work. In fact, this method tends to overwhelm and even turn away customers. Content geared to the customers as individuals will be much more impactful, which translates to more leads. Most importantly, it will help you to develop the loyalty you need.

Does Your Rewards Program Only Cater to Big Spenders? If So, It’s Time for a Change

One aspect of loyalty programs that can turn people away in a hurry is an excessive goal threshold. If the requirements for rewards are too demanding (or expensive), most casual buyers won’t even bother making an attempt. This is a big problem, particularly when you consider just how many shoppers fall into that category! Ignoring this demographic so you can focus your programs on the biggest spenders is a recipe for disaster.

Your program should offer different rewards for different customers. This not only keeps people interested but also shows that you value your consumers. By offering varied experiences based on the buyers themselves, you can build engagement between them and your brand. You can do this with different tiers of rewards and also by providing rewards that are relevant to the customers.

Has Your List of Customer Loyalty Programs Evolved with Technology, while Staying Simple?

As times change and technology offers new and more convenient alternatives to customers, you’ll need to do what you can to keep up. If one brand offers more accessibility with a mobile app, it will have an advantage over another brand that hasn’t paid attention to new trends. There is always competition out there, but as you strive to stay ahead of the game with your advancements, it’s important to remember the value of simplicity.

A complicated loyalty program isn’t going to bring in optimal results. If customers don’t have a clear understanding of what they can get, and what it takes to get it, they might opt to go with a competitor for the sake of understanding the situation. Transparency is key, and your customers need to stay aware. If they can do this while also enjoying the convenience of new technology, you’re much more likely to hold onto them in the future.

This might seem like a challenging balancing act, but all these guidelines are easy to follow — assuming you have the right help in your corner. At Loyaltyworks, we can help you improve your list of customer loyalty programs by suggesting changes that will bring in the results you desire. We can provide a platform for your programs. With our help, you’ll be able to incorporate everything from online rewards to a streamlined mobile app. Regardless of your specific needs, we’re ready and able to help you with every single aspect of your rewards programs. Give us a call at (800) 844-5000 today.