Best Tools for a Distributor Loyalty Strategy

best tools for a distributor loyalty strategy

The average modern consumer does research before making major purchases. For example, shopping for a new refrigerator now involves reading customer reviews, comparing brands and features, and making price comparisons. Today’s consumers have all this information and more right at their fingertips. They go to the store or showroom knowing exactly what they intend to buy. The only person standing between a consumer and your products is the distributor. Distributors have a lot of power in the way of influencing purchaser behaviors. They can sway store owners and shoppers by highlighting or downplaying your product’s features. So how can you encourage distributors to sell more of your products for you? Here are the best tools for a distributor loyalty strategy.

Performance Tracking Module

Incentivizing your distributor network begins with tracking performance. When a distributor sells one of your products, they enter that sale into your tracking module. Once the system verifies that sale, the distributor gets points. When a distributor accrues enough points, they can redeem them for rewards right in your distributor loyalty system. It’s an automated performance tracking system that reports and rewards for sales all by itself.

Learn and Earn Module

A continuous training system is the most important way to keep distributors engaged with your business. Each time a distributor logs in and completes a training session, they receive more points. A learn and earn module rewards distributors for staying informed about your new products, features, and programs. And when they know what you are doing to improve your business, distributors can do a better job of selling your products to consumers.

Mobile App Module

Today’s consumers use their mobile devices for shopping, product research, and staying connected to people they care about. Your distributors behave the same way. The best way to keep distributors connected with your company is to offer a mobile app for all their distributor loyalty system activities. A mobile app will integrate training, tracking sales, and point redemption in one spot making it one of the best tools for a distributor loyalty strategy. Your performance numbers will update instantly!

Leaderboard Module

With all these distributors’ continuous sales reporting, consider adding a leaderboard to your platform. Let your network of distributors know who your top performers are and what they are selling. This fosters competition and encourages all your distributors to step up their game. There are many ways you could use leaderboard modules to promote achievement and grow your business.

CRM Integration Module

Nurturing customer relationships is one of the most important things you can do as a company. The average CRM program tracks sales and can capture contact information for customers. But this only paints part of the picture. You can integrate your CRM with your distributor loyalty program to gain a larger perspective on each sale. Who closed the deal? Where? When? You can integrate these two modules and expand your marketable data.

The Organizational Structure and Advanced Reporting Module

Somebody has to oversee your distributor loyalty strategy. Depending on the size of your distributor network, you may need to establish different levels or regions for your incentive program. You can assign various units of the program to different managers, establish budgets, and set individual rule structures. Your loyalty system is totally customizable to meet your company’s unique needs.

Gamification Module

Everybody likes to enjoy a little good, clean fun from time to time. That’s where a gamification module comes in. Simple scratch-offs or spin-to-win will keep your distributors logging in to your loyalty system often. Not only are these games fun (and even addicting!) adding a few points to their total is incentive all by itself.

Using the Best Tools for a Distributor Loyalty Strategy

Your distributor loyalty strategy has to start with a goal in mind. What do you want to achieve by establishing a system of rewards for sales? Do you want to expand your distributor network? How much do you want to grow your sales in the next year? Do you have the infrastructure in place to accommodate this increase in business?

The best loyalty systems are online and mobile-friendly. We constructed ours on a robust platform that offers a high degree of customization. After all, each company has unique needs for their loyalty programs. Loyaltyworks’ talented in-house programming team has created a platform that surpasses these needs.

We want to design and implement the best tools for a distributor loyalty strategy that fulfills your company’s needs and your distributors’ expectations. We offer many packages that will enhance your existing IT infrastructure. Contact Loyaltyworks today to get started on your cutting edge distributor loyalty strategy.