Driving Employee Engagement with Reward and Recognition Programs

Learn how driving employee engagement with reward and recognition can be faster and easier than ever. By making programs more accessible, you naturally increase engagement. Every dollar you spend toward these programs returns a higher investment, and you wind up with a happier, more productive workforce.

Convincing Employees to Take Part in Reward Programs

Better games. Bigger prizes. Companies in every industry struggle to connect with their workers. It’s not just your organization. Employees’ failures to take advantage of reward programs have left many an executive scratching his or her head. The frustrating part comes from things you’re sure will capture their attention working no better than rewards you don’t expect to make any difference.

Travel suppliers have dealt with this issue for decades. They offer travel agents free trips and other big-ticket rewards for completing training programs, only to have their offers go ignored. Similarly, you might be offering your workers expensive incentives only to see your participation numbers plateau.

The same types of rewards don’t motivate every worker. A single mom with a houseful of children to find a sitter for isn’t going to jump at the chance to go on a two-week cruise. On the other hand, someone who loves adventure travel and getting off the beaten path might not look forward to a cruise either.

driving employee engagement with reward and recognition

At Loyaltyworks, we aim to convince as many employees as possible to take part in your program by ensuring rewards that work for everyone. Our catalog spans literally millions of items, making room for every interest imaginable. Plus, our new mobile app experience provides your workers with the ability to submit their own potential rewards for consideration. All it takes is a photo or barcode scan.

Making Programs Easier to Use to Make Them More Accessible

The ease-of-use factor is also a key to driving engagement. While technology has opened many doors in terms of incentives, it’s also created barriers. Not every worker is as advanced when it comes to computer or cell phone use. In order for these new-fangled programs to work, learning curves must be as low as possible.

At Loyaltyworks, we strive to make engagement programs quick AND easy for your employees to use. It works! Our mobile apps have one of the highest engagement rates for our reward programs because they’re always available and simple to access.

Did you know 35 percent of iOS and Android users boot up an app before they get out of bed in the morning? Your employees can brush up on new product information and start improving their skills whenever and wherever they have the time. The second they have the inclination, they can be taking part in the program. You can’t get any faster.

Making it easier for employees to get started and stay engaged is just as important. Our mobile solutions offer benefits including: saved login information, intuitive interfacing with simple tutorials, profiles that are easy to change from desktop or mobile device and other user-friendly features.

You want a welcoming reward system that won’t intimidate your workforce? Let our team build the perfect solution for you.

Our mobile apps are compatible with all modern major operating systems, including iOS 6, Android 2.3, Windows Phone 8 and newer platforms. They’re affordable too, with an app and responsible webpage bundle starting at just $7,500, with affordable ongoing maintenance fees starting at $100 per month.

Workers without a smartphone (or the desire to download an app) are able to visit the responsive web page online and access the same easy user experience.

Creating a Reward-Ready Company Culture

At the end of the day, businesses invest in incentive programs to encourage specific behavior changes. Employers must be effective at driving employee engagement with reward and recognition programs before those changes take place. Too many businesses try to force the changes first, as an incentive to use their programs. They have the whole system backward.

Let the program work for you. Let the rewards fuel your goals. If you’re shoving sunshine down your workers’ throats, how receptive do you think they’ll be to these changes? They won’t work at all!

Focus on the benefits to your employees first. Show them what they can earn with reward points. Ask them to scan an item at the store they’re really interested in buying. Encourage them to find a reward from the existing catalog they’d like to work toward.

Then you show them how to get there. Explore training modules and show how fast and easy they are to complete. Push the advantages for them; then sit back and enjoy as the benefits for the company roll in.

If you try to make the training or the behavior changes “cool” or find yourself in a situation where you’re begging employees to take part, you’ve shot yourself in the foot. It isn’t necessary with a program that is fast, easy and lucrative to use.

Driving Employee Engagement with Reward and Recognition Programs from Loyaltyworks

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