Incentive Programs: The Easiest Way to Structure Your Organization

The Organizational Structure and Advanced Reporting Module is the easiest way to structure your organization reward program. Like many of the products in the Loyaltyworks family, this module makes it faster and simpler to keep an eye on progress. Designed in-house, this is just one of the extra resources we offer that integrate seamlessly with our existing reward and incentive system.

Select the Appropriate Incentives for your Goals and Workforce

Loyaltyworks offers many benefits over the competition. We provide companies with one of the most robust reward fulfillment plans on the market. Training sessions, quizzes, promotions and other programs convert to online points your workers can exchange for literally millions of potential products. The choices are extensive; there is truly something for everyone. More importantly, it is completely within your employees’ control.

Often well-meaning management teams select rewards that don’t motivate their staff. This is especially true for upper-management personnel who may live quite differently from entry-level workers. Single millennials, for instance, might not be as invested in earning a free Thanksgiving dinner as their older counterparts who already have spouses and children.

With the right incentives, your company can realize the benefits delivered by a successful incentive program.

Enjoy the Benefits of Building a Comprehensive Incentive and Reward Program

Business owners and managers use reward programs to improve several elements, including:

● Employee engagement
● Productivity
● Workplace satisfaction
● Supplier relationships
● Profits

Reward programs can be powerful when used the right way. Unfortunately, they can be hard to track. Without an effective way to assess programs, it’s impossible to know how well they work.

Too many managers base their reward program decisions on assumptions. Not every employee will appreciate – or even be able to go on – a cruise. Not every worker has easy access to a computer away from the office. You need easily accessible, easy-to-use programs that will motivate them to make the right changes. Determining whether your programs fit those parameters comes down to organization. Keep reading to learn the easiest way to structure your organization to get the greatest benefits.

Tailoring Programs to Meet the Needs of Different Goals and Departments

Incentive programs are very popular among sales teams. Individual incentives exist for selling specific products, numbers of units and total revenues. Teams can compete in the same way with sales teams working under different shift leaders or those in separate buildings. Product and service suppliers can run promotions as well, and management might want to keep track of them.

In the same company, a rewards program could exist to encourage entry-level workers to show up on time for their shifts and for executives to reach their quarterly profit goals. Depending on the size of your company, you could be running thousands of incentive programs at one time. While that might seem like a benefit, it can also lead to wasted resources.

easiest way to structure your organization

Organization is key to creating a comprehensive system of reward programs working together to bolster your company’s mission.

For instance, if one of your tenants is providing top-notch customer service, you could create incentives for people at every level to reinforce those concerns. Given our Organizational Structure and Advanced Reporting Module, it would be fast and easy to track the progress of that goal across every department in your business.

Multiple Incentive and Reward Programs Controlled From One Convenient Location

At Loyaltyworks, we’ve designed a multifaceted system capable of tracking multiple programs in multiple ways. We developed this system ourselves in-house, so there’s no worry about reporting capabilities riddled with the types of glitches common with third-party products. Further, we don’t charge extra for reports or advanced administrative controls.

Other companies provide the basics because they mainly serve as reward fulfillment suppliers. Our system covers all aspects of incentive programs to ensure high-value returns on your investments. We focus on efficiency, from providing all your employees with easy access to training modules and promotion details to giving managers the ability to assign rewards in real-time.

The Organizational Structure and Advanced Reporting Module makes it possible to keep a handle on all these features at your leisure making it the easiest way to structure your organization. Access to data can be fine-tuned per user as well, giving lower-level managers direct control over their teams, allowing upper-management to focus on department and branch goals.

Easiest Way to Structure Your Organization

Feeling overwhelmed? Let us help you. The easiest way to structure your organization is just a phone call away. Call 800-844-5000 and discover how the Organizational Structure and Advanced Reporting Module will revolutionize your rewards program. Our team at Loyaltyworks is ready to answer your questions and provide the expert assistance you need to take your organization to the next level.