The Most Effective Way to Increase Employee Learning and Boost Productivity

The top way to increase employee learning is through natural motivation. When workers benefit in ways that are important to them and their families, they will go the extra mile to stay educated. Simply put, when you select the right incentives, you never lack for an informed workforce.

Ongoing Education Has a Serious Impact on Productivity and Long-Term Costs

Human resource departments across industries recognized an early trend: workers involved in ongoing education led to an immediate boost in the profitability of a company. Across departments, the statistics backed the assertion. Employees at the top of the food chain as well as those at the unskilled, introductory levels were more productive at a rate that mirrored how often they took advantage of learning opportunities.

On the other hand, employees who do not engage in a long term way to increase employee learning cost companies money in lost developments. Janitors take longer to clean the same spaces when they haven’t received ongoing education. Managers don’t make as many lucrative deals. It’s impossible to ignore the impact of training programs or the powerful positive influence they will have on your bottom line.

There are a few reasons behind this, including:

● Ability to take advantage of the best methods based on the latest research
● Confidence acquired through ongoing education and feelings of importance to the company
● Improved ability to answer questions and solve problems while working with clients

The above three benefits of ongoing education make a significant impact on employee performance, but they aren’t incentives to learn all on their own. They benefit the business. Incentive programs reward employees directly in ways that make their lives more rewarding.

Select the Right Incentives for the #1 Way to Increase Employee Learning

According to Fast Company, top performers are eager to face new challenges, learn new skills and experience growth. Without those opportunities, they succumb to boredom in the workplace and move on.

Tailor your learning program to be a benefit in its own right. But remember, the majority of your employees won’t be top performers and will need a different type of incentive to make training feel worth their while. The key is determining their immediate personal motivations.

At Loyaltyworks, we’ve developed a system that gives your staff access to millions of rewards. By earning points through training activities, they can spend them on any number of real products. The variety available is an easy way to tap into all of your workers’ natural motivators.

For instance:

● Young, tech-savvy employees can use points to purchase the latest home gaming consoles.
● Parents trying to save for the future can use rewards to replace old appliances.
● Nature fans can use reward points for new camping equipment.

Using our Learn and Earn module, your employees can find something perfect for their needs without management having to tie up weeks of time planning it out.

way to increase employee learning

Encourage Participation by Making the Learning and Reward Process Quick and Easy

The corporate incentive market has never been busier. From cruises to free holiday meals, there are tons of opportunities for workers to earn rewards for their workplace behaviors, including the commitment they make to ongoing education.

Unfortunately, these types of incentives can have high barriers to success that immediately turn people away. Instead of feeling motivated, they are too intimidated to begin. It’s doubly harmful because these are often the employees who need training most.

At Loyaltyworks, we specialize in systems you can merge with the rest of your employees’ responsibilities without making waves. Modules are fun, helpful and easily accessible via mobile or computer, meaning employees are more likely to use them. We’ve even included social elements to enhance user experience and improve inter-employee relationships.

How our system helps create an incentive culture for your business:

● Engaging, gamified platform
● Ease-of-use
● Rewards tailored to your employee base

Better yet? We do it all without nickel and diming you to death.

Unlike our competitors, our comprehensive incentive programs are package deals with numerous modules and updates included in the price.

Use Our Cost Effective Reward Programs Boost Your Bottom Line

At Loyaltyworks, we provide clients with a one-stop shop for all their reward and employee recognition needs. Unlike other suppliers, we create all of our tools in-house, so you can be sure the features and qualities we’re promoting wind up in the finished product. You’ll have instant access to updates as well, without a need for expensive add-ons.

The simplicity our setup offers your company makes it even easier to promote a learning environment on the job. You control the training, rewards and reporting features, and we deliver it in an engaging and easy-to-use format.

Get started today with the #1 way to increase employee learning in your business. Contact our team at Loyaltyworks to set up the Learn and Earn module.