3 Fun Ways to Motivate Employees and Prevent Turnover

Uncovering fun ways to motivate employees is one of the best parts to working in management. There’s nothing more exciting than watching sparks fly or seeing the look on someone’s face when they’re happy and excited to walk into work. How do you make employment more than a necessary evil? That takes some serious commitment on your part, but we’re here with a few ideas to make it easier to keep motivation up every day of the week.

Looking for new ways to liven up your work space? Try one of these three fun ways to motivate employees:

1. Acknowledge how your employees stand out.

It can be hard to uncover your autonomy at work, but making sure your employees feel special is one of the easiest ways to make work fun. Still, there are only so many ways to sort an Excel file. Sometimes, you have to give your workers a head start by helping them see how they shine.

How do you do that? Take a look at their personalities and how they do their day-to-day jobs.

Consider the popular TV crime drama Criminal Minds. It centers on the FBI’s Behavior Analysis Unit (BAU), the team tasked with unmasking the nation’s worst serial killers. Every person on the team has a similar job, but each character has their own strengths, weaknesses and experiences that make their roles vital (or they get bounced from the show!).

Dereck Morgan is one of the BAU’s profilers. He’s smart – and sassy – but also very athletic. The fact that he played football in high school and college has been central to a few episodes, so it should be no surprise that he’s often seen tackling the bad guys. In contrast, Dr. Spencer Reed is a genius, and his photographic memory and ability to decipher clues put the kibosh on many a maniac’s plans.

Your team might not be saving lives, but they each contribute to the company’s success in their own, unique ways. Study them. Recognize their unique qualities. Then take some time to acknowledge those characteristics and how these special characteristics help everyone reach their goals. Learning about your employees is one of the fun ways to motivate employees.

fun ways to motivate employees

2. Turn every mistake into a learning experience.

Mick was a new host at a ritzy new restaurant who loved everything about his job … except for his manager. As the new guy, he was making a good name for himself. He went above and beyond, always stayed to help if needed and went out of his way to take pressure off other workers who were getting swamped. Still, he was new, so his performance wasn’t perfect.

If his boss had simply told him he’d forgotten to do something, Mick would have felt fine. He’d be a little down on himself, but he would add the task to his list of things to double-check at the end of the night. Unfortunately, there was one manager who just couldn’t let anything slide.

“Did you clean the bathrooms at open?” the manager texted Mick after the end of his morning shift.

“Of course,” he replied.

“Then why is the women’s room filthy?” the manager responded. “Our patrons are going to stop coming here if this is the way we treat them.”

“Talk to the owner,” texted Mick. “The women’s bathroom should have one dirty stall. The door was stuck this morning, and a repairman couldn’t get there until after my shift was over.”

One too many nasty complaints had Mick complaining to his friends. They helped him find another job right away. The restaurant lost a valuable asset.

Most workers understand they will make mistakes, and they’re prepared for constructive criticism. Approach every problem like an opportunity to teach workers – especially new employees. If someone is having problems with repeating the same problems, create individual challenges to make sure it gets done. Make their changes in behavior a reason to celebrate instead of reinforcing disaster.

In every industry, anger and accusations quickly lead to turnover.

3. Tap into rewards systems your employees really like.

At Loyaltyworks, we’ve amassed a reward catalog containing over one million items, from gaming systems to appliances and everything in between. Using a reward catalog is one of the fun ways to motivate employees. In fact, participants using one of our mobile app or mobile websites can scan or photo any item in the store and have it considered as a potential reward.

Too many businesses offer incentives that appeal to upper management but don’t make sense for the average staff member. Coupon booklets are a good example. For several years, these coupon collections were popular among business owners. They promoted strong ties between companies in a given area, but it wasn’t likely their employees would use enough of the coupons to get much benefit from the “reward.”

Loyaltyworks Offers Fun Ways to Motivate Employees

Would it be fun to consider all the things you couldn’t afford? What about earning points toward an item you couldn’t buy in cash? Loyaltyworks makes employee appreciation programs exciting! Better yet, combined with our Quick Points certificates, your workers can see the benefit of their actions work right away.

Still looking for fun ways to motivate employees? Give us a call at 800-844-5000. Our experts will help you out!