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Internal, external employee recognition and incentive programs offered through various channels

Standard Register, a global leader in advancing business’s reputations by matching their communications with high corporate standards, recently announced the development of a new suite that will provide solutions for promotional products.

The new Standard Register suite will enable its customers to easily access a broad platform that will support their incentive program and other aspects of internal employee recognition while maintaining firm control of the brand.

“Our customers told us they need more creativity, control and flexibility in their promotional programs and we’ve delivered that through these new solutions,” said Angela Saunders, senior marketing manager at Standard Register Commercial.

Standard Register’s new solutions will provide its customers greater control over their brand with easy access through the retail website, The site will allow businesses of all sizes to utilize Standard Register’s in-depth knowledge of promotional products and internal employee recognition programs.

“Whether they are looking to design a program to attract new customers, establish a web store to recognize associates or gain more control over local marketing efforts, they now have a single source that can be integrated with their marketing communications program for greater coordination and more effective management,” Saunders said.

Internal incentive programs are common in businesses of all sizes, but the city of Milwaukee plans to recognize its downtown workers with the upcoming Downtown Employee Appreciation Week, according to the Milwaukee Examiner.

Employee rewards programs will take on a whole new meaning when Milwaukee Downtown Business Improvement District #21, brings together workers from a variety of nearby organizations in an effort to create a communal camaraderie.

According to the news source, there are approximately 82,000 workers in the downtown Milwaukee area and employers encourage their employees to take part in the event that will feature a series of activities and games.

According to Milwaukee Downtown, the program is the first of its kind in the country and will include a mascot challenge, Milwaukee Bucks shootout, office challeneges, volleyball, a battle of the bands and more.