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Targeting the Right Incentive Program Audience to Increase ROI

One of the most crucial pieces of operating a successful customer loyalty program or incentive program is rewarding the right participant audience in the right way. The success of an incentive program hinges on motivation —if you don’t offer incentive rewards that appeal to your specific target audience and match up with your goals, the program will fail.

Incentive Solutions recently published a great guide to selecting the right incentive rewards for the audience whose behaviors you want to influence. Learn which rewards are best for:

  • short-term sales promotions
  • mid- and low-performing employees
  • increasing customer retention
  • motivating top performers
  • boosting sales employee motivation
  • providing employee recognition and engagement

Read the full Incentive Solutions article.

Choose the Right Audience for Your Incentive Program

When running an incentive program, it’s very easy to target the wrong audience. Maybe excitement gets the best of you-you target everyone because you want to motivate as many people as possible. Or maybe you target your top performers and most loyal

With the right rewards and incentive strategies in your tool belt, you can meet your unique motivation and business needs.