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Points Rewards Programs vs. Card Rewards Programs

No Fees

points program vs card reward programs

On first glance, card rewards programs may appear easy and cheap to implement—but once you start taking into account shipping and handling fees, ATM transaction fees, and card dormancy penalties, the costs add up.

No Lost Money

With card rewards programs you run the risk of having “breakage”—the money that’s lost when a participant loses a card or doesn’t redeem its full value. With a point rewards program you don’t have to pay for any unused points, allowing you to cycle leftover money straight back into the program.

Rewards Discounts

Most vendors give discounts to incentive companies in exchange for being included in their online rewards catalogs. Your incentive program provider can then pass those savings on to your participants, allowing them to get the most out of their point rewards.

Trophy Value

Perhaps the biggest advantage that point rewards programs can claim over card rewards programs is the trophy value factor. When’s the last time you bragged about having cash in your wallet? But if you received an incentive trip to the Bahamas, or used your points to redeem a 4k television—well, you’re much more likely to tell your friends about it.