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Are Sales Incentive Trips Worth the Cost?

sales incentive tripsSimply put, sales incentive trips can help increase sales and improve a company’s bottom line. These rewards are all-expense-paid trips for sales teams that have gone above and beyond in their performances. The trips vary greatly depending on how many participants take part. Trips can also cover many varieties of travel and destinations.

While a nice vacation sounds like a great motivational tool, some among us might be hesitant to install them for our businesses. It’s true—these trips represent a significant investment. We all know that financing a trip isn’t a cheap endeavor. However, it is important to consider the value such trips can bring to the table.

If you can motivate your sales team to new heights and drive the kind of behavior that translates to bigger profits and more success, the investment can be well worth its cost. The benefits don’t end with increased sales, either! Keep reading to learn more about the benefits you can expect from sales incentive trips.

Incentive Trips Provide Unique Experiences to Push Teams the Extra Mile

Incentive travel can benefit everyone involved. As employees work harder to improve sales and reach their targets, your business benefits, and the rewards they earn benefit them. Salespeople know what they need to do to reach their goals, which creates an engaged sense of focus. Plus, if the goals are team-oriented, your employees will develop bonds as they work together to achieve them. If the team meets their goals and wins the trip, the bonding only continues, carrying over into their return to the workplace.

Beyond that, a good vacation is always an effective way to help people unwind and relax. Getting away can ease the stress of trying to meet goals and deadlines, and when they return you’ll have a well-rested sales team ready to get back to work. Talk about a morale boost for your workforce!

What sets sales incentive trips apart from other rewards is that they involve providing workers with experiences they might not have on their own. Unique trips can leave lasting impressions, which serve as a constant reminder and motivating factor for the people who earn them. You might be surprised to know these trips can even motivate employees who don’t go. Hearing stories about the trip the others enjoyed will spark healthy competition as the next opportunity rolls around.

Trips as Sales Incentives Can Inspire Invaluable Loyalty

When an employee comes away from a trip with a memorable experience, they do so with much more than a collection of great photos and stories. They feel like their hard work for your company wasn’t overlooked. The memory of the trip will keep them working toward more rewards in the future, but even more importantly, it can keep them working for you instead of considering a company change.

Employees rewarded with incentive travel are likely to feel a stronger sense of loyalty toward your company. Sales incentives are not only a tool for motivating the team to improved sales; they also serve to show your appreciation for the work they put in. Workers who feel appreciated and recognized will be less likely to seek employment elsewhere. Having trips available as a reward in itself can help achieve this, as incentive trips are a rather big perk.

Inspiring loyalty is yet another reason travel incentives are worth the cost. Replacing employees who leave because they feel unappreciated can be very costly, time-consuming and counterintuitive to production.

Worried about Your Budget? Sales Incentive Trips Can Be Flexible

Incentive travel is fully scalable, as trip particulars can accommodate any budget. Sales incentive trips can be for a week or a weekend (or even longer), and the destinations can vary greatly. They can also reward different achievement levels, which offer flexibility in the costs for you. Smaller trips for fewer participants can save you money, in addition to inspiring competition among your sales teams. On the other hand, having smaller groups can make the trips more personal, and more specifically geared towards the participants. Lastly, regardless of where they take place and how long they last, incentive trips are always an impressive reward for a job well done.

For more information on sales incentive trips and to learn more about how they can benefit your company, feel free to visit Loyaltyworks online or give us a call at (800) 844-5000 today. We’ll help you put together an incentive trip package that will stay within your budget while providing the benefits you desire. We can also help you to explore other options for enhancing employee morale and loyalty.