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9 Creative Ways to Promote Your B2B Customer Loyalty Program

Are you getting the word out about your B2B customer loyalty program? The best way to generate success in your loyalty program is to let your participants know about all the great things your loyalty program offers. The trick: Getting people excited about all the great benefits and takeaways that your loyalty program can provide. We thought these nine tips might help you promote your B2B customer loyalty program aimed at getting everyone just as excited and on board as you are.

Tip #1 Launch your loyalty program with a contest.

Who doesn’t love winning?

  • Consider inviting your targeted audience to participate in a sales contest to kick off your loyalty program. A raffle or contest will drum up excitement and interest in the program when it’s launched.
  • According to a study from Open Forum, contests are a proven way to increase engagement.

Tip #2 Get personal.

And not in a weird way.

  • One of the best ways to use a B2B customer loyalty program is to give your brand personal value to customers. Use your loyalty program as a mouthpiece for what your brand stands for. The more customers understand your brand values, the more they’ll trust you. Trust is the hardest and most precious competitive edge you can earn.
  • Personalization greatly enhances customer experience, and it’s often as simple as adding a name token in your incentive program messages. A Feedback Loop study found that the subject line: “[FirstName], How’s it going?” got a 40% better open rate than “Any feedback for Feedback Loop?” (68.18% vs. 28.57%).
  • Send participants personalized reminders about their reward points balance, getting active in the program again or reward items on their wishlist. For ex: “Hey, Joe, still interested in that shiny new juicer? It’s on sale in the online rewards catalog!”

1055195Tip # 3 Go mobile.

There’s an app for that.

  • A 2015 Gallup poll found that 52% of smartphone owners check their phones multiple times an hour. That number has doubtlessly increased since then. People’s personal and professional business lives happen in real-time on their phone, these days, and your loyalty program should be part of both!
  • Mobile apps not only make your loyalty program conveniently available to participants on the go, they can make the operations of your program run more smoothly. For example: salespeople can use a loyalty program mobile app to submit sales claim documentation from the field for faster, better claims verification, and reward redemption.

Tip # 4 Use direct mail.

Wait a minute, Mr. Postman!

  • A recent study from DashBurst recorded that 70-80% of consumers are apt to open almost all their physical mail, including “junk” mail. But wait, it gets better: 79% of consumers say they act on direct mail immediately, compared to 45% who say the same of emails. Where’d you put that stamp book, again?
  • Snail mail is most effective when it’s as personalized as possible. Use participant data culled from your online loyalty program database to create more personalized messages and effective calls to action.

Tip #5 Offer exclusive promotions to certain B2B customers.

VIP status, woo-hoo!

  • Incentive plans are most effective when they have specific goals for specific groups. Segment your efforts and goals as often as possible to get the most out of your program. People are more invested in unique, exclusive opportunities. A HelpScout study found that people were 15% more likely to respond to a message’s call to action when they were labeled as being part of a certain group in the message.
  • Specialized promotions tell you more about the specific groups in your loyalty program. Do certain dealers in a region perform better than others, under certain circumstances? Promotions aimed at specific groups can teach you a lot about performance in your department, sales channels or customer bases, providing you valuable market insights.

 Tip #6 Roll out open enrollment.

You get to be involved!

  • Starting your loyalty program with open registration/enrollment forms allow your participants to sign up to your program without an invitation. They can use this form to give you selective contact information. Contacting participants the way they prefer to be contacted establishes trust and appreciation towards the loyalty program and your brand.
  • Customer data gathered from loyalty program open enrollment forms grants you a detailed picture of unique trends in your marketplace.

 Tip # 7 Use incentive program CRM integration technology.

All together now!

  • Use an incentive provider that offers CRM integration technology to connect your loyalty program to your CRM system. This feeds customer data collected from sales claims submissions (invoices, warranties, registrations, receipts, etc.) into your CRM system, and vise versa.
  • On the “macro” marketing level: a more detailed picture of your customers helps you develop better marketing strategies by identifying customer trends, preferences and demands.
  • On the “macro” marketing level, you get more details about your customers, helping you create more personal and relevant marketing messages directly relevant to their unique needs, preferences, purchase habits, etc.


Tip # 8 Give their loyalty rewards a head start.

It’s okay; I’ll just hang here, you go on ahead.

  • In The Endowed Progress Effect study, marketing professors Joseph Nunes and Xavier Drèze discovered customers were more likely to use “free car wash” customer loyalty punch-cards if the cards had ten spaces with two space already punched, versus a card with eight spaces and none punched. The same amount of effort is still required, but the “artificial advancement” of the punched card made 34% of people act on it vs. 19% who had the blank card.

Find ways to your B2B customers feel like the ball is already rolling and they’re not starting from scratch. Give them points or participant membership title updates simply for enrolling or updating their profiles. Give them visual cues like graphs and thermometers to represent a portion of their goal already completed. Find ways to make them immediately involved in the program, and the more likely they are to continue that involvement.


Tip # 9 Draw inspiration from loyalty program reports.

Picasso, is that you?

  • Take a look at the user engagement activity reports available in your loyalty program. Do you see any spikes in activity/participation at certain times? During the holidays, maybe? Consider running holiday-themed campaigns to encourage reward redemptions during those special times of year.
  • Every customer loyalty participant audience is a little different. Activity/engagement reports that come directly from your loyalty program software is the best way to tell what does and doesn’t to motivate your channel partners. Explore and analyze reports regularly to identify growth opportunities and areas to improve.

B2B loyalty programs can offer a wealth of diverse benefits to you and your channel partners alike. The trick is promoting them in a way that showcases these benefits in all their glory. Use these nine loyalty program hacks to get the most out of your program.

Have some loyalty program hacks of your own? Want to know more about promoting your loyalty program in certain channel environments? Don’t hesitated to comment below or contact us!