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Examples of Loyalty Programs That Really Do Work

examples of loyalty programsCustomer loyalty programs get a lot of flack, because frankly, they often aren’t that effective. Customers don’t care about a dollar off here and there when they only buy something from you every two months and are spending more than $100. The answer? Add a loyalty program that actually meets their needs and sparks their interest to keep them coming back for more. Guess what? Such programs exist. Let’s take a look at a few examples of loyalty programs that work today.

Examples of Loyalty Programs That Correlate to Purchases

Many loyalty programs are tied to purchase habits. For instance, a lot of grocery or big box stores use a points system, where you earn so many points for your purchases and can redeem them either at any time, or only at certain times. This is the same idea behind airline miles. However, sometimes a simple point system moves into a tiered system, for which airline miles are again a good example … the more you fly, the higher you climb in the tiered system (Silver, Gold, Platinum), and the better your rewards become. There are many ways to do this, such as using loyalty programs based on:

  • Number of orders
  • Frequency of purchasing
  • Types of orders (i.e. big purchases might make a customer eligible where small purchases do not)
  • The amount a referral purchased
  • … and more

Imagination is the limit, especially when you’re using a flexible and effective online system to track all your rewards.

Examples of Loyalty Programs Involving Partnership

Some loyalty programs are partnership-based. For instance, you might create a program that allows customers to turn in old models of a product they bought from you in exchange for a refund. This enables you to reuse materials and them to use the rebate money on new purchases with you. You can also partner with another company in your niche to broaden the appeal of this service. To make this type of program feel easy and keep customers in the loop, it might be helpful to create a mobile app and allow them to log into your reward program directly from your company’s internal intranet site or corporate website.

Loyalty Programs Based on Upfront Fees and Extras

Then there are the examples of loyalty programs that give customers unmitigated access as long as they pay a small upfront fee. In this case, you can invite anyone to become a participant during an open enrollment period – or at any time, if you prefer.

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Anyone who pays the fee and signs up for your program is automatically eligible for benefits: think free shipping, price discounts, promo codes, special promotional emails, invitations to select events, etc.

Of course, this works better when you make using your loyalty program easy and effective. You can give your participants easy, on-the-go access to your reward program with a program-branded mobile app, for instance, and completely personalize the program to your exact customers.

These aren’t the only ways to hook customers and keep them coming back for more. You can also use a game or a throw an annual blowout gala, for instance. But loyalty programs, done right, are exceptionally effective.

If you’ve heard enough examples of loyalty programs that work and are ready to take your approach to the next level, get in touch with Loyaltyworks. We’re ready and willing to help you set up your best loyalty program today.