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Loyaltyworks Modular Online Rewards Programs: Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking is an easy way to create multiple, specific objectives for different employees or partners and keep track of them all. You want your sales team to increase sales, just like you want business-to-business (B2B) partners like distributors, dealers, and contractors to promote your products. “Increase sales” is a fairly vague ambition. Because “increasing sales” is a universal desire across all industries, it’s often overlooked as an active, ongoing goal. The best way to incite sales teams and business partners to sell more of your products is to set specific goals and reward them for achieving those goals. For example: increase sales of Product X by 10% by the end of the year.

Loyaltyworks offers the Performance Tracking module so you can assign and track several promotions at once. You can control the permissions of each promotion so that only selected participants can view it. If you want to manage a year-long promotion in which your distributors can win a reward for selling the most aftermarket parts, you can do so alongside another promotion in which your contractors compete to increase warranty registrations amongst consumers.

Next week, we will discuss another Loyaltyworks module that allows you to collect data helpful to marketing: Open Enrollment.



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