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[Presentation] The Guide to Successful Dealer Incentive Programs

Ever wonder where it is most companies fail when it comes to operating a dealer incentive program? In complex sales channels with many moving parts and often multiple different ways to reach sales goals, there are, unfortunately, many ways to miss the mark with channel incentives.

It’s impossible to read the be-all, end-all manual to implementing a dealer incentive program in a way that’s right for your company because every business is different. Like most channel sales and marketing strategies, if your 100% complete dealer incentive instructions were real, they’d be a living document that changes all the time. But you can certainly gain a baseline familiarity with running an efficient dealer incentives program that uses best practices to earn you maximum ROI. That’s what our 2017 Guide to Dealer Incentive Programs is for:



This presentation is a condensed form of our 30-page 2017 B2B Marketer’s Guide to Dealer Incentive Programs and it hits all the basics for running a successful dealer incentive program, such as:

  • Structuring your dealer incentive program correctly
  • How to budget for the program
  • What kind of incentive rewards you should offer
  • The right type of incentive program billing model to choose
  • Effective incentive program communications strategies

With these recommendations in places, including calculators for determining ideal reward output and reaching positive ROI, you’ll be set to begin your dealer incentive program success story.