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Channel Sales: Open Your Ears, Close Your Sales

Have you ever met a sales person that wouldn’t shut up? They don’t need to know about you, you just need to shut up and LISTEN TO THOSE DEALS! We all know this person; and we all collectively dislike them. If this describes you and how you approach your sales tactics, perhaps you should pipe […]


CEO Steve Damerow – Incentive Programs – Prepaid Debit Cards vs Merchandise Rewards

reward programs

CEO Steve Damerow – Incentive Programs – Prepaid Debit Cards vs Merchandise Rewards from Loyaltyworks on Vimeo. Steve Damerow, CEO of the ISI Group of Companies. which includes Loyaltyworks, talks about the different types of benefits provided by prepaid debit card reward programs and merchandise reward incentive programs. Call Loyaltyworks today at 1-800-844-5000 to schedule […]


Safety Horror Stories – Lights, Camera, Injuries!

Another industry that most people don’t really connect with safety incidents is one that we all know and love – Hollywood’s film industry. People who follow film productions know the process of film making can be extremely dangerous, especially on action films. Actors and actresses, extras, stunt men and women, and other crew can all […]


Customer Service Horror Stories – When Customer Loyalty’s On A Timeframe

contractor customer loyalty

When a customer comes into your business and states that they need your product or services by a specific date, it’s probably wise to adhere to that date. If you’re a plumber and they say they need the new dishwasher in by Wednesday because family’s coming in, if you want their customer loyalty, you install […]


Companies Invested In Wellness

companies invested in wellness - The Non GMO Project

If you follow any current news trends, then you know that GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) are a main stay controversial topic that’s lodged firmly in the news cycle. The very idea that the US government and FDA think it’s appropriate to alter the genetics of a plant or animal to produce new and improved food […]


You Better Recognize when it’s time to fire Bob

employee recognition means recognizing when employees go bad

Let’s get something out in the open – no matter how much you motivate, inspire, coach or recognize, some employees just can not be salvaged and need to be fired. As a manager, you have to able to know when it’s time to let someone go unless you want them dragging other areas of your […]


Online Reward Programs – Creativity & Incentives

online rewards incentive programs

It’s not enough in today’s economy to just slap a reward on a cereal box and call it “Incentive Accomplished!” You have to be creative in your approach to your incentive program if have any hopes of it succeeding. This is especially true when you’re in a heavily saturated market where you’re not the only […]


The Use Of Business Incentives In Technology

Business incentive programs technology

Technology is another industry that needs sales incentive programs. The big players don’t necessarily need them, but a lot do. There are more technologies in play than the ones people interact with every day. For example – printers, software, scanners, label machines, and more. These companies need all the resources they can get their hands on […]


Incentives – The View Of A New Employee

Employee Engagement Incentive Industry

Here is an article that one of our new employees wrote up for us that we wanted to share with all our incentive program readers and followers. It’s a fresh look at the incentive industry as a whole from the perspective of someone who’s never dealt with incentives before – and it is fascinating. Check […]


Steve Damerow I Reward Cards: Debit Cards vs. Gift Cards

Steve Damerow - Rewards Cards

Steve Damerow | Reward Cards: Debit Cards versus Gift Cards from Loyaltyworks on Vimeo. CEO of The ISI Group, Steve Damerow discusses the fundamental differences in the different types of reward cards. Google+ Loyaltyworks 2299 Perimeter Park Drive Suite 150 Atlanta, GA 30341 Loyaltyworks