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Multi Products Distributor

Multi Products Distributor

Client Profile

A leading Midwest-based distributor supplying the plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical market segments.


A proliferation of competitors offering similar commodity products compelled this distributor to consider how cost-effectively to attract and retain customers.


A flexible loyalty program that awarded customers who achieved a realistic annual volume threshold with points for every purchase. The program offered a compelling value proposition with an appealing point structure and a broad selection of rewards. The distributor kept the program exciting with ongoing “bonus” point and special reward opportunities.


Surveys and first-hand feedback indicated that customers loved the program and their increased purchases reflected that. Bonus points also contributed to the program’s success—including a 40% boost of PVC pipe sales when double miles were offered in lieu of a traditional annual sale. Purchases also accelerated from merchandise reward and game trip tie-ins to the area’s highly popular National Football League team.


Simply click on the link below to view the full, detailed case study.Case Study: Dealer/Contractor Loyalty Program PDF File (147 KB)