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How to Come Up with Fresh and Exciting Reward and Recognition Program Ideas for Your Teams

reward and recognition program ideasIf you’re on the lookout for new reward and recognition program ideas, you’re already on the right track. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is deciding your program is fine the way it is, and neglecting to make any changes after initial implementation.

It’s common for new recognition programs to garner success at first. They start off strong, while the novelty is still fresh and the employees are enjoying something new and exciting. However, a big problem arises once the newness of the program begins to fade. It can be difficult to maintain the momentum unless you’re prepared to take the right steps! One of the most important of these measures is reviewing the program and coming up with new ideas that will keep everyone excited and motivated. If you’re not willing to adapt and change moving forward, it won’t be long before your reward program stops bringing in the results you expect.

Never Understate the Value of Peer Recognition in Your Program

Recognition programs are a powerful tool for inspiring company loyalty and a sense of belonging. One of the most effective — and traditional — ways of achieving this has always been annual performance bonuses. Getting something extra from the higher-ups for a job well done is definitely a plus.

At the same time, recognition is most effective when it isn’t coming from just one direction. When employees recognize one another for the work they do, there is a greater sense of being part of a team. Additionally, the recognition itself tends to carry more weight. If a peer recognizes an employee, the praise is coming from someone who has a better understanding of what the recipient does during the workday.

Instead of awarding a performance bonus in the traditional sense, you could utilize peer recognition! You can do this by allowing employees some measure of control over bonus granting. Allowing staff members to award bonuses to their coworkers on a regular basis will not only motivate, but it will also have a notable, positive impact on job satisfaction and company loyalty.

Analyze Your Staff and Figure out Which Incentive Rewards Appeal to Them

Even when the novelty is still fresh, there might be some employees who aren’t too keen on the current reward selection. However, you’ll still keep them interested and motivated if they know you’re willing to make changes that suit their preferences. Flexibility translates to infinite possibilities, and your staff will appreciate a program that allows for change.

Changing rewards around on a regular basis will get more employees interested. It also affords you the chance to test different approaches over the course of your program. You may find some staff members respond more favorably to event or vacation retreats. Others may treasure opportunities that could pave the way for career advancement. There’s no telling what will create the most excitement within your teams, so the best way to figure it out is to stay flexible. Keep on testing out new reward and recognition options, and never settle for the present.

An Effective Reward Recognition Program Should Have Team Incentives

Setting short term goals is a great way to motivate employees into being more active in the program. You can also inspire better teamwork and unity by making these goals team-oriented. This encourages bonding and peer-based motivation, as better performers help weaker participants improve. As you proceed, revealing the potential prizes ahead of time can have a strong inspirational effect. Once you explain the actual goals, your teams will hustle, striving to win for themselves and their partners. This can even work if the prizes are small, and the rewards more on the casual side (like a free lunch or getting to clock out early on a Friday). Winning would come with bragging rights and a competitive spirit that leads to better production and a happier team.

Coming up with new ideas and figuring out how to keep your staff motivated might seem difficult at times, but there’s no need to worry! At Loyaltyworks, we can assist you with putting together a program that keeps your employees interested and striving to perform at higher levels. Your program won’t get stale as we’ll help you make changes and tweaks whenever necessary.

From workplace incentives to online rewards, we’ll ensure you’re always able to accommodate your workforce and bring out the best in them. To learn more about how you can keep the reward and recognition program ideas flowing, or for information about how we can help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Give us a call at (800) 844-5000 today for the answers to your questions.