What’s the Difference Between B2C and B2B Loyalty Programs?

Upon first glance, B2C and B2B loyalty programs may seem very similar—after all, they have the same goals, right? Increase sales, customer loyalty, and collect program participant data. But the key difference between the two is size: B2C loyalty programs need to have broad appeal in order to attract as many participants as possible. B2B loyalty programs, on the other hand, are typically created on a much smaller scale, dealing with a select group of partners. While this small size may seem limiting, it actually opens up a whole lot of doors in terms of marketing your loyalty program.

B2B loyalty programs are a totally different ballgame than their B2C counterparts. As such, a B2B program requires very different strategies in order to thrive and grow your business.

Personalization is a key factor in B2B loyalty programs.

With a smaller participant base, you’re able to tailor your loyalty rewards system and branding to perfectly match that of your participant.

VIP B2B customers need VIP loyalty rewards.

Investing in your B2B loyalty program participants is the best way to earn their continued business. A reward system that offers exciting items like exclusive merchandise and incentive travel can help your B2B loyalty program participants feel the love.

Training incentives are an important asset in B2B loyalty programs.

In a B2B structure, you may be dealing with contractors, dealers, distributors and more—at the end of the day, each of these participant types are salespeople in their own right, and you want your salespeople to know their stuff when selling your products! Your reward system should provide training incentives to keep participants brushed up on your products and services.

B2B loyalty programs can make a huge impact.

If you’re struggling against your competitors, there are more options than just the old pricing game: a B2B loyalty program is the perfect way to stand above the rest.

B2B loyalty programs need to have claims validation features.

In the past, claims validations used to create a lot of administrative busy-work and prevented most B2B loyalty programs from getting off the ground—but no more! Technology has finally caught up to the incentive industry’s needs, allowing for ultra-fast, super easy claims validation.

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