PART III. Learn and Earn Helps You Conquer Training Time Constraints

The Learn and Earn Module is gaining ever-greater recognition as a major way to increase your sales success. While there exist many reasons for this success, one stands out above the rest: It creates an incentive to spend time on training. Conquer training time constraints with learn and earn.

Most sales departments and channel partners suffer one major hang-up, which is a perceived lack of time in which to complete sales training and learn more about your products and services. Salespeople don’t feel as though they have time to follow up on their training, keep their knowledge sharp and fine-tune their skills. They’re too busy engaging in the other facets of their jobs, and as such, training gets kicked further and further down the road.

If you want to recreate that time, there’s no better way to do it than with the Learn and Earn Module. How? Here’s how to conquer training time constraints.

Boring Training Material Doesn’t Encourage People to Make Time

Salespeople and channel partners are already short on time. Your sales team is constantly reaching out to prospects, meeting their needs, and moving on to the next one. Channel partners (think contractors) have ceaseless projects and myriad demands to which they must respond. In the midst of all that, your reps think, why should they spend precious minutes and hours on dull training manuals?

It doesn’t help that those training materials often don’t serve their purpose well. They may be:

● Obsolete by the time they reach your staff
● Difficult to do well, resulting in a painfully dry experience
● Too time-consuming to create in the first place
● Too difficult or costly to create
● In need of updates, even if just delivered
● Just plain off the mark

In reference to the latter point, that doesn’t necessarily mean the training materials are wrong. It simply means the target trainee can’t relate to them. You need a new solution.

Learn and Earn Helps You Conquer Training Time Constraints

Your salespeople need access to the right material at the right time. When they’re busy avoiding your training materials, that can’t happen. Instead of trying to make those materials more mandatory or make the threats more difficult to ignore, why not try to make the material more engaging?

That’s where the Learn and Earn Module comes in to save the day. We understand that if your sales staff doesn’t feel as though they have time to train, they simply won’t do it. If you want to encourage ongoing training, it needs to start by giving your team the incentive they need to do so. Entertaining and productive training does just that. Our training platform uses surveys, quizzes, trivia and rewards, set by you, to encourage your staff to clock in regularly. In so doing, they’ll stay up to date, hit higher sales targets and earn personal rewards at the same time, and you will conquer training time restraints.

Ready to discover more about how the Learn and Earn Module can work for you and your team? We invite you to get in touch with our training experts at Loyaltyworks today, ask questions and get started. You’ll like what you see, and so will your clients, customers and team members. Don’t wait; conquer training time constraints today.