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Hey Sales People – Be Persistent, Not Annoying!

When it comes time to pursue a relationship with a client, it’s possible to be a little too pushy, convincing them to call it quits because, truth be told, they’re just not that into you. There’s a fine line between being a good, persistent salesperson who always closes, and being an annoying marketer who just can’t take a hint. Relationships are fickle that way, especially client/business relationships.

So how do you ride this razor thin line that exists between persistence and pushiness?

Email or Phone? – One gives them the space to make their own decisions regarding contact, and one connects you almost instantly. But one puts you squarely in the middle of eight million other people seeking their attention, and the other is never guaranteed because they may hate when people use it. Obviously they both have their pros and cons, but which do you use? The best solution is a mixture of the two – alternate to ensure they’re receiving your message but only start off by using maybe four of each.

Get Their Attention – Use the precious time you do have them to actually grab their attention. Talk to them about the products that satisfy an immediate need. If you’re active on social media (like we talked about in one of our previous posts) you’ll gain a much better understanding of what they need than if you’re just shooting blindly. Let them know why you’re contacting them, and why you’re doing it now. If you follow them socially you can tailor the message and make your perfect pitch. Also, you can just ask them what their pain points are.

Keep At It – If your first connection attempts don’t get through, give them around 48 hours and then try again. Don’t use the same message every time, either. Present different aspects of your value proposition every time you talk to them so they know every conceivable way your product could be valuable to their interests. Wait at least 48 hours between every attempt and then let them know you’ve been trying to get a hold of them in your future communications.

Know When To Say When – If your first four emails/calls don’t get through, send one final message telling them you’ve been trying to reach them and that this might not be a good time to connect with them. Typically, this works best because often they do want to talk to you, but they get caught up in their own work and forget to make time. Once they get the “break up” message, it puts more of a sense of urgency in their minds about contacting you.

Don’t forget to use other tools at your disposal as well. Be social on social networks. Try your pitch with more than one person in the company. It could be possible that you’ve just reached out to the wrong decision maker, and another one could land you success.

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