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The Real Motivational Results You’ll See with the Right Incentives for Sales Teams

incentives for sales teamsBy using incentives for sales teams, you can bring your company a whole host of benefits. Your staff represents you as well as your brand, after all! The relationships they develop with clients are very influential when it comes to your business’s reputation.

No salesforce is perfect, but having motivated employees can make a huge difference. The results brought in by your team, even if already impressive, will improve when they’re motivated. A more motivated workforce will create a better image of your company, while also staying more unified. On the other side, salespeople who lack motivation will slow down your growth and bring negativity into the workplace.

An excellent team includes individuals capable of building off one another. As such, if you can motivate your sales team the benefits should continue well into the future. By using the right incentives, you can pave the way for happy, satisfied employees and a promising future for your company.

Salesforce Incentives Can Motivate Anyone

The purpose of offering incentives is obvious: they’re a way for you to increase your sales by motivating and engaging your employees. One of the most popular motivators is the promise of cash bonuses, which is a proven incentive that has always brought good results.

Contests that measure the performance of team members can spread the wealth to top performers. This encourages everyone else to go the extra mile, but some companies have taken this concept a step further. Instead of only rewarding the people who bring in the most sales, employees who try the hardest can also get a piece of the pie. This encourages persistence, as people who get told “no” the most would receive prizes. Crazy as this concept might seem, it gets results!

While no one will turn down a cash bonus, incentives can touch on other types of benefits as well. This can ensure that everyone on the team is working toward something they desire. Motivations that come in a variety of different forms makes sense, since not every employee gets excited by the same types of goals. By appealing to every kind of personality on your salesforce, you can motivate the entire team to new heights.

Non-monetary Incentives for Sales Teams

Rewards based on fun. Something as simple as getting to leave the office early, or going to a bar for happy hour can be a powerful motivator. At times this can be even more effective than a cash bonus! Fun is especially appealing for employees who’ve been working hard hours, trying to meet their goals.
Office items that can ease the stress of the work day. These can include nicer chairs, artwork, or even a dart board or ping pong table. Items of this nature can be very effective motivators for your sales team.
For some employees, nothing is more important than advancing in their careers. These workers will want incentives that offer a chance for them to gain knowledge and skills they’ll need at the next level. One possible reward could be an opportunity to spend some time with a higher-ranking executive. This kind of mentorship can be incredibly helpful for an employee trying to get ahead.

What Results Can Incentives Bring to the Table?

Incentives for sales teams give them a chance to make more on top of what they’re already earning. They can use incentives to have more fun, as well as to get ahead in their careers. The real benefits, however, are yours. Incentives for sales teams encourage them to overachieve, and this is only a good thing for your business.

With a team of salespeople working to accomplish more than ever, your bottom line will improve, and you will be able to grow at the pace you want. Additionally, the increased sales your employees bring in can quickly make up for the cost of offering incentives for sales teams in the first place.

More revenue isn’t the only motivational result you’ll experience if you offer the right incentives for sales teams. You can also encourage company loyalty. Salespeople who have the option of supplementing their salaries with bonuses tend to be happy where they are. If your incentives program allows productive employees to gain more rewards over time, the odds of losing them are even lower. This is great for cutting back on turnover, which is always an advantage. After all, seeking new hires can be a time-consuming, frustrating ordeal.

Additionally, your team will be more unified if the same faces are coming to work every day. Unity is yet another significant benefit of offering incentives, as team-based goals can bring your salesforce together in a powerful way.

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